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This is the Free-Link-Page for every Orphanage in the world.

Dear Orphanage Web Site Owner !

If your Orphanage is a Non-Profit Organisation, and conforms to the following rules, you qualify to receive a free web site.
Your web site should have two things:
1. Your web site should contain at least one picture with the orphanage and some of the children.
2. Your web site should contain a valid street address.
Please add these before you make your application
Just follow these instructions to have your web site added to our list:

and supply the following information:
  1. Name of orphanage or page title
  2. Your URL (where your page can be found)
  3. The country of your orphanage
  4. Its location (continent)
  5. The NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of the official contact person with

And you are all done !
Your Link will remain here !

You may also enter the form at the bottom of the page.

Why should you link to your Orphanage within this page ?

Thank You !

Who is behind all this ?

from Bangkok, Thailand is the sponsor of this web site.

When we saw, that the major Domain name of had not been registered, we thought that it would be a good idea to register it and donate it to ALL orphanages, regardless of their religion, race and location, and to make it available to all orphans, since it would not be fair, to let one only Orphanage make use of this major Domain name.

So go and make use of YOUR page. Get a web page for your orphanage, or leave a message. Request a link to your orphanage web site or look up the needs of the orphanage.

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Last Modified: 17 December 2000
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