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This page will enable you, to visit available Web sites of orphanages around the globe and to make direct donations to them, in this way bypassing collecting organisations. Thus you will be getting your donation directly to those who need your help the most. Organizations often make deductions for administration and other expenses.

Orphanages usually just do not have the time, and the funds, to advertise or send letters to each individual asking for a donation. This is why this work is usually done by other organisations, who need to be paid for their work and expenses. In this way, only a part of your contributions, made to such organisations, will reach those who need your help the most.

Finally you get the chance to do what you always wanted: To donate to the children directly.
The cost for this service to orphanages is paid in full by the sponsor of these pages. There is no cost at all for the orphanages themself to be listed.

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