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Important information for Orphanages

Attention! Nigeria Connection is attacking Orphanages!

There are several mails that been reported to us, which had pretty much the same contents and which could be identified as the so called "Nigeria connection" letters.

The Nigeria connection is known since decades for being a criminal organisation, who is trying to take money from people by very bad tricks.

They tell you, that you get Millions of dollars for whatever reason they tell you about and in the end, they are emptying your bank accounts by the information, they gather up from you.

It is quite new, that now they target also Orphanages by e-mail.

A sample of a mail is given to you below as:

Cyril Williams Chambers
TEL:00225 07691745 Tel/FAX: 00225 23527131
E-MAIL: cyrilwilliamschambers@yahoo.fr

Attn: To The Orphanage Home,

Dear Sir,

We herein serve you notice of the aforementioned
inheritance right in respect of estate will No
JTC/0018237/VOL41/2000 which is due for execution,
and shall be performed by this chamber within the contest
will either in the court of law or out of the out
(in the chamber) where upon your choice.

Where as this letter after called notice of concert
Of property inheritance have been duly served you
under this chamber and to this effect. 1) you are part
beneficiary, and hold an inheritance right of the
property and estate will No JTC/0018237/VOL41/2000
of late Dr Berger A. Indseth of Indianapolis United State
of America. 2) In accordance with part 3 paragraph II
of the aforementioned property and estate will, you
hold and inherit, and are lawful beneficiary of one
million eight hundred thousand dollars(US$1.800.000M only)
3) Every necessary documents of your inheritance is in the safe
custody of this chamber and shall be transferred to you upon your urgent
4) There are four other beneficiaries of late Dr Berger.
A Indseth property and estate will, and all beneficiaries have
been put to notice similarly, all the beneficiaries are obliged to acknowledge on
acceptance and contact this chamber within seven(7) days of this notice.
5) Every matters concerning your inheritance shall be
deem confidential in accordance with the governing oath of confidentiality act
pending the etermination, declaration and transfer of your inheritance right.

Faithfully yours.

Wednesday, December 12, 2001 at 03:14 PM
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