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This is the Free-Link-Page for every orphanage in the world.

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Please visit the Home Page of The Orphanages

For the banner link, we kept the size of the graphics file small to avoid delaying the loading of your page.

All you need to do to get the code in your page is to highlight the text of the link that you want to place in your page, copy it (Ctrl-C) and paste it (Ctrl-V) to the location in your pages where you want the link to appear.

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<P><CENTER><HR>Please visit <A HREF="http://www.ORPHANAGE.ORG">the Home Page of the Orphanages</A></P><HR></CENTER>

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<IMG SRC="http://www.ORPHANAGE.ORG/banner03.gif"></A><BR><FONT SIZE="4">Please visit the Home Page of The Orphanages</FONT></P><HR></CENTER>

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Last updated on 22 July 2000.
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