Blessing Home

Blessing Home was found in 1998 by the Thai Lahu Christian Church (TLCC).
It has been in its current location for the past 10 years,
which is located just outside of Chiang Rai.
Blessing Home is a Christian children’s home that provides
housing and education to children from hill tribe villages.
Currently there are 4 main staff members serving at Blessing Home.

During the school year, Blessing Home has 32 students.
Among these, there are 16 orphans who live at the Blessing Home all the year around.
The children range from 1st graders to university students.
Most of the children attend a private high school in town, close to the Blessing Home.

Children come to the Blessing Home because there,
they do have access to a better quality education.
The village schools in the mountains, where most of the children come from,
do have much lower standards and are poorly equipped to teach children.
The children also come to the Blessing Home for spiritual growth and to be more attentively cared for,
since their parents spend the majority of their time working out.

Blessing Home has their own garden, pigs, and fish.
The children do chores each day, which includes watering the garden and feeding the animals.
These things help, to provide Blessing Home with a source of food and alleviate some of the food cost.

For a student that is not an orphan, $250 is paid to Blessing Home per year, provided by their parents.
This includes the cost of transportation, living facilities, and some of the food cost.
The parents provide other costs, such as school expenses too.
If the parents are unable to pay, Blessing Home does not turn the students away
and is trusting, that costs will be provided through whatever other means there are.
The home provides it all for orphaned students at Blessing Home,
hoping for incoming donations to cover the costs.

A christian organization from Singapore did support the Blessing Home for the past 10 years.
On average, they provided to the Blessing Home $18,000 per year.
This covered most of the salaries for the staff, as well as for food cost.
The church has completed its 10-year commitment of support.
As a result, the Blessing Home needs to find support elsewhere now,
to continue providing help to the children, which is most difficult these days.

This page contains bios about most all of the children currently staying at the Blessing Home.
There also are some more pictures from the orphanage on that page.

We kindly beg you for your help.
Any support raised, will go directly toward the needs of the Blessing Home and its children.
Thank you for considering.

For the full address of the Blessing Home, click here

German information from the ev. Kirche Bangkok