Please send your donation for the Blessing Home, Chiangrai, Thailand to:

Donate online via PayPal addressing your payment to ""

Or send your donation through bank channels as:

Name of account:                    "Rural Care Foundation"
Address:                                  "19 M.3, T. Chueng Doi, A. Doisaket, Chiang Mai 50220, Thailand"
Account number:                   "486-0-38789-5"
Bank name and address:       "Bangkok Bank Public Company Ltd., Head office"
Address of Bank:                    "333 Silom Rd., Bangkok 10500, Thailand; phone: +66-2-022343333"
SWIFT code:                           "BKKBTHBK"; Telex: "82638 BK BANK TH"
Reason of payment:                "for the Blessing Home, Chiangrai"

Please do not forget to write to The Blessing Home an e-mail and let us know of your donation,
since Thai banks do report incoming funds but NOT where they came from and from whom.
We need to know where to send our tax receipt to,
why we need your help in reporting a donation to us.


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