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To develop the condition of children and to secure their personal rights:

Parbati wants to take the children for whom the world offers no hope and provide an environment in which they can have a future. Nepal’s condition is very unstable, and the government’s presence is often weak because of this critical situation. The Orphan Children Welfare Centre aims to help provide for those who are powerless in the absence of the government.

Parbati worked in a Kathmandu orphanage for 13 years, and felt that it was important to start similar support for children across Nepal, further away from the capital, that might otherwise be overlooked.

Those we aim to help:

We provide the following needs to those children.

Mental needs (love, affection and kindness) as a whole, we give a bright future to society and this is the vision of the Orphan Children Welfare Center

Nepal’s current situation

The Democratic republic of Nepal is located between China and India. And is known to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. It's beautiful landscapes and high mountains are a great attraction for tourists from all around the world.

The Nepali society very diverse It consists of many ethnic groups, religions and languages. All of which creates a complex fabric of beliefs and traditions.

Nepal consists of 56,827sq mile or 1, 47,151sq km of land area.

The Population in Nepal is 23 million people, and is continually growing in a rate of 2.45% per year. Although 1.5 million people live in the Kathmandu area, only half of them live in Kathmandu, and 85% of all the population lives in the country side.

Being a 3rd world country and having most of the population living in rural areas creates many difficulties. Poverty and sickness due to lack of proper health care are just a few of the reasons why many people are forced to live in the streets, not being able to support themselves. Education is not common in the country side and many children do not get the opportunity to get good or any education.

Inevitably children are the ones to suffer more then any other group

Nepal’s economy is a poor one, 40% agricultural and only 22% industrial, the rest largely comes from tourism. A quarter of its population live below the international poverty line of $1.25 a day, and unemployment is so high that many skilled workers leave for work in other countries such as Asia. The infrastructure is in many areas under-developed (22 out of 75 districts lack proper roads), and there is less than 1 telephone in 19 people. Two out of three adult women are illiterate, as is one out of three adult men. Politically, there is no intervention on behalf of the children, and as Nepal is in a crisis right now, this has affected many children.

The political situation has left over 5000 children homeless, according to a UNICEF study, and of those children 50% may be HIV positive and many more ill. Child mortality rates are the highest in Asia, and 50% of children are malnourished (and this includes those with homes!), for the homeless the situation is even worse. 2.6 million children are working in Nepal, and nearly 5% of those working are in the cruelest forms of work (according to the International Labor Organization). It is very clear that Nepal is in great need of help, and every small contribution made by those wishing to assist will bring Nepal closer to a future in which its citizens are secure, healthy and happy! Volunteering in the Orphanage, whether teaching the children or helping look after them, will not only provide an immediate benefit to the children of the Orphanage, but also a be long term force in aid of the development of Nepal.

How You Can Help Us.....

  • Sponsor a child in our care or in our scholarship program

  • Work as a volunteer

  • Donate to our general fund

  • Organize fund-raising events or set up a charity in your country

"Future Plans"

Other, Specific Ways to Help:

  • Donate 450/150 USD annually to sponsor a child in our care or scholarship program, respectively

  • Donate 475 USD for vocational training and skill development

  • Donate 475 USD for one computer Donate 375 USD for sports equipment for one year

  • Donate 100 USD for annually picnic program

  • Donate 30 USD for monthly medicine costs 

  • Donate 75 USD for monthly art supplies

Sponsor a Child!

Our sponsorship program is designed to assure sustainability for the Children in HOH Nepal , and to promote a special long-term bond between the sponsor and the child. We ask our sponsors to consider supporting their child up to the age of 18, at the moment the children are only supported in HOH - Nepal until they reach 18 years. We understand that most people can have uncertain times financially at some point, and sometimes keeping your commitments can be difficult so you may prefer to make a contribution to our general operating fund and help in other ways.

 The two Sponsorship programs that are now being instituted are these:



Work in Orphanage in Nepal

OCWC Volunteer Program

Project Summary

Project At A Glance

Location: Suraha
Start point: Suraha
End Point: Suraha
Duration: 2-12 weeks
Hours: 30-40 hours per week
Food: Local food (3 times a day)
Room: hostel

A country crippled with political instability and poverty, Nepal immediately needs help for kids who have lost their parents in recent wars and violence. OCWC presently would like to well come to you our orphanages home in the middle part of Nepal and supporting their activities by volunteers and making donation. At this volunteer Nepal program you mostly help orphans kids by teaching English and organizing creative extra curricular activities.


There is no specific qualification needed to join the orphanage volunteer project in Nepal. However, volunteers are expected to be flexible and patience. You should have passion and love for orphans.

Volunteers responsibilities:

As a volunteer in the orphanage project in Nepal, you will teach English (3-4 hours a day) in the orphanage or school (when the kids go to schools during the day). You will help kids to stay clean by helping them in brushing teeth, shower, and personal hygiene. In free time, mostly in evening, you organize games, drawing, singing, dancing, and other creative education and extra curricular activities. In the evening time, you will help kids to do homework, monitor academic progress, and make sure kids complete next day's homework. If you do not want to teach in the school during day time, then you can offer to take care of the children who stay at the orphanage (who can not go to school). Your help is also expected in dressing of kids, food distribution, kitchen, garden, cleaning and administrative work.


Ocwc arranges room, food, and supervision for volunteer from the start to the end of program. During first, week of language and cultural program, volunteers stay in our hostel in Suraha . Our hostel in behind chitwan national park is located in the heart of city giving easy access to volunteer to all part of city. In hostel, we have 2 experienced cook. Our cooks make Nepal food (very near to India foods and include wheat bread, rice, curry, Dal, chapatti, pickle) for you. As a part of language and cultural program.

During volunteering period, volunteer will stay with kids in hostel. We arrange a separate room and share bath for volunteers both in hostel.


President.............................................Mrs. Parbati Bishokarma

Vice-president....................................Mr. Gobinda Bdr Bishokarma

Secretary...............................................Mr. Raju Bishokarma

Treasurer...............................................Mrs. Shova Bishokarma

Member.................................................Mr. Narayan Rijal

Member.................................................Mr. Lila Kumar Thing

Member.................................................Mr. Kabiraj Thapa

Member.................................................Mr. Debnath Chapagai


Mrs. Parbati Bishokarma Orphan Children Welfare Center Sauraha – 3, malpurchowk, Chitwan, Nepal Phone: 00977-56-580174Email: Mobile No: 9815218825
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