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Estd 2005


Welcome to Child Welfare Home (CHW) ! an orphanage established in Khandbari, the district headquarter of Sankhuwasabha of Eastern Nepal. There is an interesting story behind the establishment of the organization. In 2005 a one- year- old girl child was found on the side of a nearby stream from Khandbari, crying and weeping bitterly. She was abandoned by her mother and run way. Since there was nobody to take care of her, an organization was felt extremely necessary to take care of such orphaned, abandoned, helpless street children and help them be self dependent for their future life.

A group of enthusiastic social workers of Khandbari area joined hands together and started collecting donations in village. Soon a certain amount of money

was collected. Two more orphaned were found in the nearby village in the pitiable condition and were added in the group.

The orphanage Child Welfare Home was established in Khandbari in 2005 for supporting the three children by taking two rooms on rent in a house and employing a cook mother to take care of the children. The child which was found on the side of the stream was named Kinari (The side of the stream/river).

2.Organization mission: The orphanage exists to provide a safe home, emotional support, educational opportunities and medical care for orphaned, abandoned, helpless, street children from Sankhuwasabha and its neighboring hilly districts and help them self dependent in their future life.

3.The present state of the orphanage:

At present there are all together 12 children (seven boys and five girls) (from 4 to 14 years of age) and a 40 -year- old cook mother named Dhana Maya Nepal to take care of them. All the children are orphaned and helpless. The cook mother is also a homeless, landless, widow. She is happy to be mother of such a group of children. The kids are happy to find a loving and caring mother who loves all the kids equally.

In order to run the orphanage a house has been taken on rent for $1000 per year. Because the orphanage has no its own piece of land to grow fruits and vegetable we have to buy everything in weekly the market. Since the beginning we have been buying fruits, vegetables, rice, pulse, eggs, gas for cooking and everything and other materials of daily use.

The orphanage is totally dependent on charity donation. We were able to establish the orphanage but could not build a permanent source of income till now for running the organization. We have been struggling very hard to feed 12 children three times a day.

4.Sankhuwasabha Education Scholarship Foundation (SESF)

Now SESF has been trying its best to raise fund for running the orphanage. We propose to rise a fund of $50000 and keep the money in 15% bank interest at Khandbari Development Bank and run the organization with the interest in a sustainable way.

We would like to request our friends and relatives to donate some money and help establish a permanent fund for such helpless children. We hope you will happy to see the orphanage running in Khandbari with your small donation in the future.

5.SESF Eco-tourism project: SESF has established Makalu Arun Social Trek (MAST) a  registered, government licensed, nonprofits distributing  social trekking  company in Khandbari. The company has  been established with an aim  to  promote  sustainable tourism business  that  can create  jobs in  the  local community and generate economic benefit for  SESF children sponsorship  program and Child Welfare Home (CHW) Khandbari.

MAST  organizes, coordinates and facilitates community friendly    social  trekking including volunteering opportunity, village tours, local home stay accommodation internship  and other tourism activities for  our guests  around Makalu and Arun Valley region  of Eastern Nepal in collaboration with the local communities and government line agencies ensuring a win-win situation between  host  community and visitors.

Since November 2011 the children have been able to receive some gifts clothes, crayons and other things from the tourists trekking up to Makalu Base Camp through MAST company.

6.So many ways to help our program!

Please Contact us for more information

Tejanath Pokharel
Secretary /Treasurer (SESF)

Himalaya Higher Secondary School
Khandbari, Sankhuwasabha Koshi

Mobile number: 9842084078
Yahoo ID:
Skype  ID: tejanath.pokhrel

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