Rakhine Orphanage Center – Gwa Town, Rakhine State, Myanmar

A group of 16 children at Rakhine Orphanage Center

My name is Daw May Swei. I live in Insein, Yangon, Myanmar. My husband works Pastor at the Church, Yangon and he helps me for this programme too.

I got a privilege to follow my husband mission trip to Rakhine State in 2008. God blessed our mission trip there to open the people heart to see and accept Christ is their personal Saviour and Lord for their whole life through my husband preached and taught about the Gospel Of Christ. I do praise and thank God for His miracle through our mission trip to Rakhine State.

The children playing at the orphanage.

Unfortunately, I saw some little boys were sitting at a different place that very stranger to us. I try to call them to join us in our community worship service place but they afraid to closer to us. It made me very sadness and their life was a great distress to me. I could not sleep at that night but spending my time to pray for that children  to see Christ for their life by over that night. When morning come, I have a chance to ask the people about the little
children that I saw in Yesterday, they told me that they are orphans in our village. We moved to another village because our mission trip is visiting to village by village to tell about the Gospel Of Christ where the people did not know Christ and I come to see about some villages have the orphans without attending their school, no help, no health care they live as street life, abandonment, victims of maltreatment. I come to see that they are waiting for who could be bringing HOPE to their life in need

These things made me to pray and talk my husband to find away to care the orphans in Rakhine State. In later God opens away to get my husband agreed with me to start it with first 3 orphans and 4 orphans add again in the same year with name that RAKHINE ORPHANAGE CENTER at Gwa Town, Rakhine State, Myanmar in 2009. The Orphanage home has 16 children with two helpers workers now.

We do not have any support for this programme from local and abroad. We survive ourselves fund raise from some friends within our local area with MAF. As being in our Myanmar economic crisis our local friends gift could not work to get enough food for the orphans and it makes us to face difficulties to care the children in a proper way. We are
being in pray and running for this orphans ministry through our lack of knowledge and lack of finance.


( 1 ) To let them see and accept Christ is their personal Saviour and Lord with caring their spiritual life.
( 2 ) To cover them from street life, abandonment, and victims of maltreatment.
( 3 ) To provide them to have the safety home and live positive sense of life.
( 4 ) To care their educational, emotional and, intellectual that train them in hopefully way.
( 5 ) To care their health with physically need.

how we prepare and plant at the ROC's field

All our work should be the underlying purpose of sharing the Salvation of Jesus Christ, His love and mercy to care the orphans in physical, emotional, and spiritual that HOPE is found in Lord Jesus Christ alone.


We need you to support for-
( 1 ) Monthly aid for the orphans :- like food, schooling, health care, water
( 2 ) Material need :- like cloths, lightning, table. chair, desk etc,.
( 3 ) To have building for dormitories with dinning, chapel and study room and build a dormitory for widows too.
( 4 ) To have regular income project ( like farm OR )
( 5 ) To help the workers need

JESUS SAID " I will tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine you did for me " Matt. 25:40.


You are welcome and being invited to visit us to have participation in any way, any how that you could be bringing HOPE to their life in need. Whatever that your participation time OR contribution will be acknowledged and appreciated.

How hard to get water for the ROC


On behalf of the orphanage, I would like to express my heartfelt word of thanks to our beloved friends whose help and pray for this ministry and thank to our friends who give me the best advice and pray for this ministry programme.

We will really appreciate for your visiting in feel free by sharing your talent that from God like short Bible training, Medical care training , Social workshop training etc. When you are interest to visit us you may contact to :-

Yangon address where I live the place - NO.1237 ( A ), U Photun Street, Taungtugone, Bogone, Insein, Yangon, Myanmar. Phone  :(  095 1 646948 ), ( 095 4 9294719 )
Email < 

Rakhine Address where the Orphanage place - Sayamah Miriam,  Myot Mah, Mintawngchey , Gwa Myo, Rakhine State, Myanmar.

May God richly bless you,

Daw May Swei
Rakhine Orphanage Center

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