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About Us

Luke Orphanage of Myanmar was established in 2006 by Rev. P. Han Ding, a church pastor and Bible college teacher. Together with his wife they are currently taking care of 23 children (including their own children). Some of these orphans lost their parents due to illness and natural disasters (such as the Nargis Cyclone in 2008 which took many lives); while others were homeless or came from extremely poor families who were no longer able to provide for their basic needs.

Our Vision

We reach out to orphans and needy children in Myanmar by providing them a nurturing family and home in which to grow, and meeting their physical, spiritual, educational, and social needs. Through loving these children and raising them in a Christian environment, we endeavor to guide them towards becoming true disciples of Jesus Christ. We are constantly expanding our ministry to take care of more and more children. In the long term such expansion plan may include the establishment of a community church and other necessary facilities.

How You Can Help

We invite you to be part of the ministry through financial support, which will make a big difference in the children's lives. 100% of your contribution will be used in ministry and to provide the children with food, shelter, education, health services and other daily necessities. None of it will serve as administrative costs.

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Visits to our orphanage are much welcome. If you wish you can serve as a volunteer and minister to the children with whatever skills and gifts you have. We always need second-hand clothes, toys, and household items, so bringing these to us will be a great help too. Please note that the law requires all tourists to stay only in hotels or guesthouses during their visit to Myanmar.

Our biggest need is prayer. Please pray over each part of our ministry so God can use it for the blessing of many.

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Luke Orphanage of Myanmar is managed by Rev. P. Han Ding

Rev. P. Han Ding

Address: 715/ Ta Kaung Lane, East Ywama, Insein, Yangon, Myanmar

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