Jehovah-Jireh Precious Children Home - Myanmar

Taung Thu, UBo Tun St, Insein
Yangon, Myanmar


Myanmar is one of Asia's beautiful countries but most bad news reports of natural disasters in 2008 called Nargis Cyclones, the Government and UN reported and estimates 78,000 people were killed and 56,000 missing, and the UN estimates 2.4 million survivors face hunger and homelessness.

Due to these horrible disasters in 2008, as I have mentioned above many people were left behind hopeless. There are many children who lost their parents, loved one and left behind in the street or somewhere crying with hunger and thirst and waiting someone for help and no place to stay and couldn’t continue their education. Not only that millions of children beg on Myanmar’s street, many were forced into child labors, prostitution and many do not see school. The affects are still continuing because there are no sufficient aids for the entire victims. Many countries helped our country to start a new beginning but that was only for a few months. Due to lack of child’s protection after these disasters, child labors had been greatly emerged in our land.

When I think it back to those precious children's future, they don’t have the slightest hope of facing the future, unless they get food, clothing, shelter and education. The plight of the Children in my country touched my heart and it leads to think about how to setup new hope for children. To setup a new hope I settle down with some children so believing that God will provide my need through you and others. If all their needs are provided, the Children can grow in physically, mentally in their life and not the least the most important thing in Christian life will be met i.e. Spiritual growth, after when they are free from those needs.

Therefore, it is my prayer to you to help me in this faith based ministry. Let us provide them love, joy, and a bright hope for tomorrow and develop them into law abiding and responsible citizens. I encourage you to have a partnership in this noble task.

Aims and Objectives of Precious Children Home

Precious Children home to bring hope, love and joy to the hapless children victimized by crime and crisis. Stigmatized as they are, these children are not an accommodated by institutions. The project focused on their physical, emotional and mental well-being. At the precious Children Home, every cure is taken to provide them with proper nourishment and adequate entertainments.

Precious Children Home is a response to the difficult and sad situation many children face in Myanmar. Most of them are on the streets begging for food to be able to survive. They do not have access to education, health care, adequate nourishment and are exposed to many dangers.

Precious Children provides these children a balanced diet, clothing, primary health care and education up to Senior High School level. This children project is given between 5-18 years both males and females. Later, the children receive skills training so that they can learn a trade to work and earn their own money for living, for example nursing for girls and carpentry for boys among others. At the current exchange rate, it costs $ 50.00 or equivalent a month to cater to all the requirement of a child. Your response to this cause would provide meaning and purpose in the lives many Precious Children. Do they not deserve a better treatment? Shall we be complacent? The audited and certified account statement will be sent to all the sponsors and donors. We will be maintaining total transparency and accountability.

Message of Chairman

I believe that Precious Children Home is playing an important role in helping many needy and less fortunate children in Myanmar. It is ours desire to support them in the very charitable and worthwhile efforts and see the tremendous differences in the lives of the children.

This beautiful project started in 2013 thanks to the financial support from individuals, families, Churches and Christian organizations.

1. I love the Children and love to sever them.

2. Children are our nation’s wealth.

3. They are our future and makers of tomorrow. They are our promises.

But it is so sad to hear that child laborers and child prostitutes in Myanmar. Children who have never experienced the love and care of their parents, children who are not sure of their next meal, majority of them get into criminal activities and end up their life.

We must do something about it, do same thing for them.

Participating in Precious Children Ministry

You can become a partner of PRECIOUS CHILDREN MINISTRY by way of praying, encouragement, visiting us, financial support, and onetime donation. Kindly keep us in your prayer supports of the needs.

1. We are living in a rented house.

2. Contribution toward the staff monthly salary.

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