Hope For Myanmar Children

(Better Life For Suffering Christian Children)

Grace Cingno & Run Lian

Myanmar is border to Thailand in the east, Cambodia in the north east, China in the north and India in the west. Myanmar is an independent state in 1948. But unfortunately the military junta ruling for two decades and the country become very poor. And Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Hope For Myanmar Children

Background: These children are orphanages and a few are from single mothers and extremely poor children.

Children will always praise & worship with enthusiasm from their hearts

Food Time

Meat occasionally. Rice is the main food. The most simple food two meals in a day. We are not able to provide them other eatable, like snacks, sweets and drinks.

Purpose: The purpose of Hope For Myanmar Children are as follow

  1. To give warm and loving care

  2. To give them the opportunity for education

  3. To help them to have better life

With School Uniform

Now they learn to set aim in life. They all have big aim for their life.

Present Condition: They are so much in need of help. We are so much struggling for their management. Their daily food is just for survival only. They do not have proper clothes, slippers and school bags and without school books.

Their Needs

  1. Food US $ 10 per month for one child

  2. Clothes US 15 dollars in a year for one child

  3. Medicine US $ 10 dollars in a year for one child

  4. School fee US $ 10 dollars for one student in a month

  5. School uniform US $ 15 dollars for one year for one child

  6. Text books and note books US $ 20 for one whole year.

  7. Electric bill US $ 10 per month

  8. Charcoal for cooking US $ 50 dollars per month for all.

  9. Their ( teacher ) warden salaries US $ 50 per month

  10. House rent US $ 1200 dollars in a year.

They are the youngest but always cheerful

Now they begin to forget their past situation

They will be always grateful for your small offering. You can even send them old clothes, pencils, stationary,

Please contact us

Grace Cingno


Hope For Myanmar Children

P.O.Box 1349

VIP Ward, Pyituangsu Street

Shwepyithar Township

Yangon, Myanmar.


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