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The education of the world’s children is high on the global agenda. In the context of education for all, all children should receive free, good quality education. The reality is that millions of the world’s children are too poor to benefit from the declaration, unless there are special interventions that target their development. Unfortunately, such children do not form a special social category in poverty eradication intervention programmes. Thus, their inclusion in the achievement of EFA appears to be a hit-or-miss phenomenon. Recognizing the central role of poverty eradication in wider global agendas and acknowledging the need to reach out to the poorest children with the objective to break the poverty cycle for them, Myanmar Urban Rural Christian Mission embarked on a programme of education and poverty eradication.

*General Condition of Some Children in the Country*

- There are many fatherless or motherless (approximately) because of the death of father or mother and divorce of their parents.

- These orphans have care taker for their health, education, daily food and dresses. Especially they are far away from the saving knowledge of the LORD JESUS CHRIST.

- These children without any guardian are begging for their daily food and some are in the habit of stealing.

- There indeed are orphanage caring centers in the country but they could not picked up every orphan or needy child to be cared for. Therefore, there still are many orphans and needy children to be picked up and brought up for their well-being.

- Those children will be perished in spiritually as well as in physically if not picked up and care for their needs.

The scourge of AIDS has orphaned many children. However not all them become infected with the disease. Those who have not contracted the disease from their parents are either cared for by relatives or are placed in orphanages. However those unfortunate children who have been infected with the HIV Virus are stigmatized and neither relatives nor orphanages are willing to take them in. They therefore face rejection and social isolation and are deprived of everything young children should have. Thus, there is an urgent need for a care center that will provide a home for these children.

A group of like-minded compassionate people, committed to the welfare of these children,has thus initiated the Mingalarba Children Humanitarian Project with the objective of providing the children with a familial environment where they will receive the love, care and attention they so desperately need.

* Charity Registration: As our MURCMission , we have been registered to do Christian mission works by the Home Office Department On 31^st of December 2006.*

*The Aim of This Ministry:*

1. That children may have interest in education and develop their own lives;

2. That the children may develop in mind and body that they may become reliable citizens

3. That in their youth they may be able to involve in their part for the development of the nation

4. That by taking care of the poorer children and youth, their parents may release from the heavy burden of looking after their own children;

5. That the youth may, when they become adult s, have a pity on the poor as they were before; and

6. That the children may grow with the Word of God throughout their lives.

7. To relieve the physical, emotional and spiritual suffering which children infected with AIDS experience and help them live their lives in peace and happiness and with dignity. Mingalarba Children Care is a non-profit charitable organization and children with AIDS will be provided with care -free-of-charge. Initially set up with monetary contributions from the organizaers,donations are welcomed for the upkeep of the care center.

* *

*Meaning of Mingalarba :* In the Burmese language mingalarba means “How do you do?” or “Hallo!”. When a European greets a Burmese with mingalarba. Tourists or Foreigners who visit to Myanmar tend to speak “Mingalarbar” as a formal greeting. You may hear that kind of greeting in TV programs, flights, hotel receptions, restaurants and any places related to foreigners. The fact is that “Mingalarbar” was invented as a Burmese greeting some decades ago since there was no such kind of formal greeting in Burmese

*Procedure of This Ministry*

1. Draw daily routine for school children;

2. Aid at every youth to be literate;

3. Help school children to have confidence among themselves to learn

and live their lives;

4. Encourage the children and youth with the Word of God

Name: Mingalarba Children Care Humanitarian Project

Location: No.103,Airforce Street, Tatgyi Gone, Hmawbi

town,Yangon,Myanmar, Southeast Asia


Phone No. 01-621100

Objective: To provide the orphan & poor children and HIV positive

orphans with parental love and care in a familial environment.

Project: To initiate project by building a care center on Hiring

land and Houses.

Selection of Orphans:

(1) fatherless or motherless (approximately) because of the death of father or mother and divorce of their parents

(2) HIV positive children with both parents deceased

(3) HIV positive children with one or both parents still living but in no position to provide necessary are and attention

(4) Special consideration will also be given to non-orphan HIV positive children on a case –by –case basis.

Age Restrict: 5 to 20 years


(1) Hired teachers will provided the children with non-formal education. For access to formal education arrangements will be made for children to sit for tests at various primary schools run at various orphanages.


(1) Rev.Cin Sian pau

(2) Rev.Ngul Cin Thang

(3) Cing Sian Lun

(4) Thang Khaw Mung

(5) Teacher Dim Khawl Vung

(6) Teacher Lun Sian Cing

(7) Dr.Sian Sung (M.B.B.S Mandalay)

(8) Dr.Cing Hau Lian (M.B.B.S Yangon)

We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for your kindness.

Yours in His vineyard

Rev.Cin Sian pau


Mingalarba Children Care Ministry


Name list of the children







Miss Cing Deih Lian

16 year

10th standard


Miss Thang Lian




Mr.Gin Lian Khai




Miss Cing Ngaih Man




Miss Vung San Niang




Mr.Piang Biak Lal




Mr.lal CawmawiLian



Infirm Bodily Weak/Medical treatment need


Miss Cing Ngaih Kang




Miss Cing Tawi Zam




Miss Cin Sian Cing




Miss Cing Man Kim




Mr.Suum Lian Mung




Mr.Kam Khua Thang




Miss Ning Hau Lun



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