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Encourage the oppressed, defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow – Isa 1:17


Vineyard Vissions Trust is Registered as a public and Religious charitable Trust under the state government of Tamilnadu and the Registration number is 265/07. This is also registered under the government of India Income Tax act 12A and the Registration number is 289/07/08

Our vineyard children home is providing shelter, food and education free of cost to the 24 children aged between 3 and 12 from the broken and poor & needy families.

Vineyard Orphanage Needs

First and foremost of our need is your prayer to this children home ministry.

Please offer thanksgiving prayer for the following needs..........

1 Our aim is, before the children leave from our children home they must know God personally in their life. To edify the children we need Bibles, Spiritual books, Song books like Hymns, Convention song books, our tamil language song books of Keerthanigal, Jebathotta Jeya Geethangal, Spiritual message & song DVDs. You can donate or send it by post, parcels or by couriers to our children home address.

2. Please pray for the spiritual and physical health of the children & the incharge's family of Mr.Asir Sugirtharaj & Mrs.Papista Asir.

3 We need kids cycles & toys & colour uniforms.

4. We need a television and a DVD player to place in the children's hall.

5. We need some more kitchen wares.

6. We need a spacious building ( means we need a land to construct a building or a spacious building with basic needed infrastructure)

7. We need few more spiritual financial supporters.

Vineyard Children Home Income and Expenditure Details

We prepare every month our monthly report which includes all our income and expenditure details of that particular month. If any of you want to go through our monthly report please contact us. Generally we send hard or soft copy to all our regular sponsors and supporters who pray for us and give to our children home.

As you like, the report will be sent to you in hard or soft form for which we need your name and postal address along with your telephone number or e.mail id.

Future Plans

Vineyard has the follwing future plans at present ......

1. Vineyard Church Planting Ministry: In and around our area of 10 kms radius no churches were there in the villages of Ramasamy puram, pudhumanai, Mottathathan vilai, Thalavai puram near Kothalarivilai, Pudhu nainar puram, Palaya Chettikulam, Iyyankoil, Pethanachi Amman Nagar, Irruvappapuram and few more villages. Please pray that the Lord to give open door to the Gospel through vineyard for which we need much prayer and two families to start this church planting ministry.

2. Vineyard boys home ministry ( 6th to 12th standard, age between 11 and 17) : We need a boys home to continue our ministry effectively for which the children home ministry is started. It is good for us once again to remind you that, to generate missionaries the vineyard children home ministry was started.

3. Vineyard girls home ministry (6th to 12th standard, age between 11 and 17): We need a girls home also. At present in our children home both boys and girls are live together as they are children and age between 3 and 10. After 5th standard the boys will study in the Pope's boys school by stayion in our vineyard boys home and the girls will study in St.Mary's girls school by staying in our Vineyard girls home. We need two separate rented building at present in and around Sawyerpuram area. Please pray that the Lord to work on bahalf of us.

4. Vineyard Aged Home Ministry: Please pray that the Lord to provide everything that we needed to start an aged home in HIS time. We need building, staff and all other infrastructre to start this ministry.

5. Vineyard Educational Center: We have the plan to start computer center, Tution Center for school going students and Tailoring center for poor girls and widows. Please pray that the need to be met in HIS time to start these social work activities.

6. Vineyard Candle Works: We ourselves have had a special training to manufacture candles. Now we have tools to manufacture the candles in different sizes and in different models and we know the manufacturing methods to produce best quality candles for sales. We want to provide job opportunities to the poor girls and widows through this vineyard candle works. Please pray that the works to be statred in HIS time.

7. Vineyard Garment works : As we have some basic practical knowledge on tailoring works, we have the plan to train poor girls and widows to stitch the cloths by getting order from the garments making companies and want to provide job opportunites to them to lift up their economic standard. Please pray for all these things to be done in His time and by HIS grace, strength, guidance and according to his will.

Dear viewer, Please give suggestions and ideas to lift up our ministry which is based on prayer and biblical we belive. Please pray and support all our ministrial works and social service activities. We depend on God only who is able to supply all our needs through HIS children.

We need you and your prayers than what you have.

Bank information:

Tamilnadu Mercantile Bank Limited

Branch Name is Siruthonda Nallur

Bank Account Number is 053100050301076


2/52, C.S.I. Church Street,

Valasakaran vilai – post,

Sawyerpuram – via,

Tuticorin – District,

Tamilnadu, S.India – 628251


Ph. (+91) 04630 – 273122

Mob. (+91) 94423 – 48271

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