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Rev.Binyamin Mangual, AT/po-B.C.Pur (Udala)


Odisha, India


There is no orphanage in Mayurbhanj district, Odisha Mayurbhanj is one of the most enterer area in odissa. SC, ST and other backward caste people reside in majority here. As a tribal region there is nothing any good facility for people that have access to safe drinking water, hygienic facilities, and primary education and so on that make than qualitatively living. They are living miserably through poverty and blind believe. Most of them are uneducated in more and they have been living like wild that stranger to God and the gospel. But more about they follow the bad customs and Superstitions that has no value. Some of them have associated to our godly ministry. About 60 no have already associated to the ministry. And many are anthuish to come to the ministry. We recollect the believers and the believers neighbors Children have been cutting off education for monetary problem and uncertain death of parents. So, within these years many children of our believers have been orphan in society. The orphans life is very dreadful to survive. They need help of the Christian ministry to make their life sublime. Hence,I recollected that more than 100 children of our believers and their neighbours are orphan. I realized to establish an orphanage in this locality and penned up you regarding the matter. But the Email that you have sent contain the question seemed to be different to my hope.

Rev.Binyamin Mangual

Purpose of Orphanage

  1. We wish to make the orphanage a good one in Odisha by providing the children knowledge of gospel and physically, educationally morally empowerment our aim to stand by the orphan children with the best ability in the Christian society.

  2. Since we have no orphanage, we don’t do any-thing’s now but we planed to inspire others to the god’s calibrate and spirituality in the locality by our orphanage. It will be a good way to spread gospel ministry in this district.

  3. Our service plan to the orphanage is as below:-

(i)Service to the orphan:-We wish to keep more and more orphan children in our orphanage and save their life from misery and starvation by giving the shape of spirituality in Christ. So, we like to provide the keeping orphans feeding, bedding, general education, medicals, spiritual education by promoting Sunday school, extra bible teaching having a good biblical library.

(ii)Social service by the orphan:-

Since we like to inspire others by our orphan children’s goodness, morality, kindness, we wish to make them attend at any problem in society. We like the orphan should help the disease affected and calamity faced people in helpful mind.

  1. We enquired about 70 orphan children are appeared among the associated believers but others have also orphan children.So, including all orphan children. Number will be the strength of more than 100 nos.

  2. The condition of our orphanage ,will be the following accommodation:-

A completely orphan children’s home is to be built up for more than hundred children.(If it is impossible to build a new house concerning the children home ,we can find it as rented house in this locality.)

(6) We need the following staff for our orphanage:-

(1) Superintendent –One person

(2)Warden-One person

(3)Office Staff-One person

(4) Tutor-Three person (2 gents+1 Ladies)

  1. Kitchen-Two person (1 Family)

  2. Peon+ Watchman-Two person

We wish to found the orphanage in the middle place of the Mayurbhanj district. Our choice location is Baripada (Communication is good).This location Khunta & Udala District Road connecting our church.

I stopped my pen praying at God kindly to manage the above mentioning subject to our church and oblige.


Rev.Binyamin Mangual

At/po-B.C.Pur (Udala)


Odisha, India

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Sent to the internet on 9 april 2011. Editing by Zulfiqar.