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“If I have kept my bread to myself not sharing it with the fatherless…” Job 31: 17

                              AIDS affected Children’s Home

                            (Home for orphaned children)



                    Help us to help these little ones

What are these children?

1.      They are orphans- either both or one of the parents died of AIDS

2.      They are deserted by the relatives and the society

3.      Most of them are school dropouts

4.      Many need immediate medical attention

5    Many of them are ill-fed and mal-nutritioned


What do they need?

                        1. They need food and shelter

                        2. Facilities for schooling

                        3. Medical care

                        4. Love and parental care

 What are we? 


bulletCharitable organization working among the Aids affected rural poor
bulletHelping the Aids affected orphan children in multiple ways


What are we doing?

  1. providing holistic care for the Aids affected orphan children  
  2. providing food and shelter through our orphanage
  3. Providing medical facilities
  4. Providing basic education
  5. Providing higher education to the deserved
  6. Nurturing them in the love of Jesus and bringing up them in faith


 What can you do?

         1. Take up the task of helping at least one child through an individual sponsorship (At least 25 $ per child)

        2. Donate cloths playing as well as educational materials

        3. Introduce this ministry to your friends and concerned ones

        4. Visit and encourage this ministry

 What we need urgently?

             1. Individual or group sponsorship

            2. Basic amenities for the growing orphanage

            3. Land and Building for the orphanage 


About the Founder

The project of taking care of the AIDS affected children is the fruit of a long waited dream of the two like minded people from the same background. The director and wife had grown up in an orphanage from their childhood. Since they know the pain and struggle of the orphans and the uncared they felt, that they are the right people to start a project like this.


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