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The Orphan Rescue Home (previously known as The Village Children’s Home), is a non-profit, non-governmental charitable organization, registered in the state of Andhra Pradesh bearing Registration no.612/11

Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India, ORH provides a home for children affected by social, domestic or poverty issues since 1988. ORH provides a home to as many children as possible, however after an unfortunate fire accident in 2004 the ORH has found it very difficult to recover.  

History & Origin

How it all began..


In 1987, an American teacher named Jane McBride was travelling in South India when the opportunity presented itself to take on a plot of land in a small sea side villiage, named Pedagollapalem.

After spending six months in the area, recognising the sheer poverty and lack of essential resources. Jane would return to open the gates of what was then the 'Village Children Home' along with her new partners Jhansi & Silas Allenby a working couple from the nearby city of Machilipatnam

Unfortunately due to ill health, after seven years of dedicated commitment to the home, the founder, Jane McBride could no longer visit or contribute. 

The home went from strength to strength in the 90's, at one point the home flourished homing and supporting 62 children and having 10 staff on site.

Jhansi and Silas still dedicate their lives to the Orphans Rescue Home. 

Fire Accident

In 2004, a blaze tore through the home's main structure, luckily no one was injured. The fire has had devastating effects on the home, There has been no funds to accommodate any new children since 2005, there once blooming crop garden has dried up and the likes of the solar panels no longer work.

The cause of the fire was unknown, however it is strongly believed the poor electrical fittings provoked the blaze. Yet still the fittings are
 extremely unsafe 

At the moment ORH has around 1 year left of funds available, if help doesn't come soon it will be forced to closure

About O R H

What we do..

ORH assists children in need from the surrounding village area of Pedagollapalem. Children are admitted to the home on a basis of need, irrespective of circumstances. ORH supports the children by providing a friendly and secure environment to grow up in.

Children are provided with food, shelter, clothing, healthcare and education within a safe environment. 

ORH currently homes 10 children and provides support to another five older children completing higher education studies.

The children are well adjusted to their environment, and for the most part all get along with each other. They enjoy singing (they are always eager to learn new songs), playing cards, drawing, volleyball, skipping, badminton and Indian games. On Sunday's the children enjoy spending the day at the local beach swimming and playing.

The younger children attend a local government school and live at the home full time.

The older children attend a college, where they stay during the semester to focus on studies, during semester breaks they return to live in ORH.0

The ORH supports children until they are able to support themselves in life. Past children who have grown up at ORH have gone on to marry and start their own families and gain employment. Most past children of ORH live in the surrounding area and still keep in touch with the ORH.


Volunteer your time at O R H!

The Orphans Rescue Home is welcoming of volunteers from across the globe. Volunteering at O.R.H is a extremely rewarding experience that will provide life long memories, providing volunteers an opportunity to give back to those in need .since last 3 years, More than 25 Volunteers spend their valuable time at O R H

Volunteering at ORH
You don't need any prior experience, just a positive attitude.
Volunteers are welcome to stay for however long they wish to, there is
no minimum/maximum stay.

What is it like volunteering at O.R.H?
" I volunteered at ORH in February 2011. It was a truly rewarding
experience. The kids were great fun, and I particularly enjoyed
spening Sunday's swimming at the beach with them. The dedication and
work that both
 jhansi and her family put into the running of ORH is
utterly inspiring."

Glenis Armstrong, Australia.

ORH do not benefit financially from volunteers. Money provided by
volunteers covers the cost of food, utilities and accommodation

Prices listed are per person :

$100USD per week only

Prices may fluctuate as per variation in food prices from local market.

Getting to Orphans Rescue Home
-We are able to advise you on suitable buses/trains to get to nearby
Machilipatnam and assist in booking tickets if you require
-From Machilipatnam there is a regular bus to Pegadollem, if our
schedule  allows we will meet you in Machilipatnam to assist you in
reaching ORH.

Volunteers are able to receive yoga classes from a well trained and
experienced yoga guru at an additional cost.

How to volunteer?
Contact us via:

Future Aims

ORH in the future...

In the next 12 months we're hoping to step up our fundraising to a new level. 

With past volunteer's and patron's from
 UK, New Zeland, Australia, Canada & USAdonating or funraising. We are more hopeful than ever. 

We hope to see within the next year;

Two new maintenance staff employed

Start to see results & benefits from a new crop garden

The now abandoned guest house to be abandoned 

Have safe electrical fittings and wires installed & have all asbestos removed 

Solar panels to be fixed and in use 

A new buffalo & refrigerator 

Financial & Domestic capacity for new kid's.


We need you to continue!


 With over 3.5 acres of fertile land, ORH is on a prime location for such a home and has already proved itself a success story before luck played the noble Jhansi a hard hand. A women whom has dedicated the last 22 years of her life to making the home a comfortable and happy living environment for the many children that have came through her gates. 

With many a success story, the home continues to help as many needy children as possible, children who would otherwise fall by the wayside and could may well end up being condemned to a life as a poverty struck beggar, a life their parents unfortunately had to lead and a story India is far too familiar with. 

Many of the Children have grown up, have University Degrees, well paid jobs, families and stable and comfortable living conditions. None of which would have been possible without ORH.

It isn't  often that you come across an organization where such enthusiasm and love still remains after 7 long, suffering years since disaster, 5 years since taking on any more kid's in need and many a sleep since the home shone as it once did. The hope is still very much alive. We need you to keep the torch burning! 

Please visit our donations page to find out details on how to make a donation. 

Thank You!


HOME ADDRESS : Orphans Rescue Home, (Regd No:612/11)

Pedagollapalem, Nidamarru p.o., Kruthivennu Mandal,

Krishna Dt-521324, Andhra Pradesh, India.

PHONE: +91 9440 369 809

Email :

For more Information Please visit our Web Site : www.orphanrescuehome.webs.com

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