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I am P.Anil Kumar, a resident of Ponnur, Guntur Dt., Andhra Pradesh , South India. I have been ministering Gospel service and worship of Lord for several years. Since my parents born in Christian family. I was greatly insisted to serve for the human kind with the same inspiration. I was called by His grace to do something for the welfare of the little kids and orphans while we go on with Gospel out reach service in different rural villages, we have observed some children just roaming in streets like wagabonds with no support. These children parents were killed in some assassinations such as fire accidents, cyclones and the attacks of anti Christian community people in their respective areas. Thus the children are left helpless and looking forward for any lift even their relatives also have neglected them to bring up the livinghood of these kids.

After observing all their situations. I was deeply touched and ordered by Lord to bring them together and arrange a shelter with feeding and schooling. For all this time I have been looking after their care in our limited resources. We only receive some little donations through the members of church and other kind hearted people. But they are not found sufficient to provide the regular feeding for the children sometimes, they are undergoing with fasting with no food. At this time, we bring them together around me and pray for the love of Lord which only can supply the provisions. By faith and commitment we are forwarding to take up the children to promote the standards to these innocent lives. You may understand that it is the Lord+IBk-s desire which provoked me to involve with. But the tragic situations of the children are untolerable always. In addition to their feeding, their schooling needs also to be offered. Due to the deficiency of material of schooling, the management of school have been punishing the children by standing upon the bench about hours together and kneeling down through out the session. The children are suffering mostly in this harsh way. we are so burdenfully praying for any concern from a kind hearted person like you. Only the generous support from you can endure these kids difficulties and keep them on stable position. Apart from the above, we are keeping them in a rented house for hospitality and taking care after them. The neighbours have been always objecting the children screaming and noice while they play, chatt or feel relaxed, it is found disturbed to them. We are also praying for a permanent safe accommodation to al these children pray for the children to lead a peaceful life in a long run. Kindly encourage us with your gratitude.
I am here with sending you some pictures of our children and their present situations. So that you can understand their pathetic condition at the time. We are so
burdenfully praying for your any kind of encouragement+IBk-s towards the needs of their feeding, clothing and schooling. It can be esteemingly honoured in love of Christ. Let us all get strengthened through your devine heart. There are presently (October 2004) 25 children in the orphanage. I will send you the profiles and bio-datas of the children. If you require at any time. Continue praying for the children and our works of Evangelism. You may be richly blessed with prosperity and cheer to be most productively useful in His service. Praise the Lord. We wish to hear your kind news regarding the above matters.

Our address:
P.Anil Kumar , Director ,
L.A.P (Love in Action for the poor )
Indira Colony, 24th ward, Ponnur +IBM- 522124
Guntur Dt., A.P., South India

My phone number is : 008643- 245990, 243740.
Mobile No :0091 9440733480

E-mail address:

You may send your sacrificial amount in form of a cheque with my name by Registered post or through the "western Union Office". So that I can receive it safely.
We are all praying for your greater extent to be delivered toward the needs of our present works.

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Date of information: 1 Oct 2004. By e-mail From P. Anil Kumar, Director LAP Orphan Home