REG GOV OF A.P 240/2010 (Huzurnagar (MD),

Nalgonda (DT) PIN: 508 204, A.P, India

Greeting to you in the name of lord and savior Jesus Christ.frist give thanks our all might God who called from Darkness to wonderful marvelous light. BRO. I am very happy to write for you I write this letter by praying. I mean pastor Gundu Samuel goud .i am belongs to Hindu family have from Huzurnagar (md) in the state of telamgana region of Andrapradesh in south India. The most unreached area with 1.2%Christians out of 40 million people. it has 10 districts, 457 mandals(small towns).and 10,258 villages.

Greet you instead of “HELPING AND MINISTRIES” I am glad to introduce about me. Brother I am doing in Huzurnagar which place is very Hindu Aria. All are people idol-worshipers. and very poor tribal aria. I have been doing pastor for 8 years. in Huzurnagar in this very people Effectively in our place still there are many unsaved people are there. not only in our place even beside my place there many villages we have big burden to serve god among many villages. to share Gospel many many villages is not easy way it is hard of god to lead our orphans.(jems 1:27).

I have lead in our aria telamgana region 15 churches. member of 2000 children’s of god. and also present we are leading 12 orphan children’s. I am motivated by word of god to lead our orphans.(jems 1:27).

Due their depressed economic conditions and the dowry system in our country. they are not giving good care to the female children. Infact,some of them are actually killing or abandoning female babies. the immediate physical and spiritual conditions of the girls and abandon boys and girls is at high –risk. and their future is dismal, at best. we have stated a home for abandon children’s. A safe, clean and nurture boy’s and girls nurturing environment where, by the grace of god, all of physical needs are met but more then that. the girls are receiving a priper education, and they are growing strong in the good knowledge of the god.

But there remain hundreds of abandoned, abused,and misused children-primarily. boy’s and girls who need our help. we are praying to god to speak to peoples hearts to partner with us in our resume efforts to bring more”street”children to our orphanage is hasting poor family and abandon and girls orphan children these providing clothing blankets, note books etc. Rice is being consumed for there meals a day excluding the vegetables, other food supplies. And I praise our lord thanks for these good deeds every one should help. we with out hope in lord. we are praying always for the welfare of church ministry and children’s. we completed engaged in these good programs by our “helping hand ministries” it is running by faith in god.

If you require at any time continue praying for the church and orphan children’s ministry. so we wish to near your kindness regarding the above matters you may send your sacrificial amount in frons. My name by registered post. so that I can receive it safely. we are all praying for greater executer to be delivered towards then needs. of our present god works. who are living helpless condition. So please help us and encourage us to do poor children’s of god, abandon children’s, poor church planters and gospel ministry.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please don’t forget us. And it the lord has put something in your heart while reading this letter. For just $ 25 per month. Your support will enable us to provide shelter, food, education and medical provision for some of the most vulnerable children in Telangana Region of INDIA.

We are praying for your ministry family please kind pray for our H.H.M ministries we are waiting for your valuable answer and praying.

MAY God bless you richly!


Founder and President: GUNDU SAMUEL GOUD (SAIDULU)

REG GOV OF A.P 240/2010 1-86, near Srinivasa Takies, Huzurnagar (MD), Nalgonda (DT)

PIN: 508 204, Andhra Pradesh, India

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Formatted by Zulfiqar and sent to internet on 18th October 2010.