Gospel Ministry Home & Church Planting


          Besides the children Ministry our senior Pastor are doing committed work for the lord, having a vision of perishing souls. Churches have been planted in this heathen nation. Many young pastors trained by our senior pastor are working in the field for the sake of Gospel.


We are conducting :

1.     Bible classes.

2.     Our reach public crusades.

3.     Youth ministry.

4.     Gospel music, teaching instrumental music.

5.     Women ministries.

6.     Sending missionaries to Gospel unreached areas.


We have a team of pastors and evangelical women of the Bible, doing the Lord's work. We reach rural, tribal and coastal areas. In a month we visit a number of villages. We arrange street meetings, seminars and conventions. Church planting is the main activity of our Gospel work, and relief and development work. Many of our pastors do not have any houses and also they have no constructed churches. They conduct the prayers in thatched houses, under trees and sometimes on the side of the road. But we are steadfast to see that the Lord's work is done. We have no any connected with any organization and we have no support from anywhere outside.



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