Glory Orphanage

Our Orphanage:
In our orphananage we have 40 children. You can see them on the above pictures.
The children lost either their mother or father, or both their parents and we struggle to keep them fed. Our problem is that we lack support and so our finances are insufficient to make ends meet.

Help us fill these plates.

Boys lining up for food.
We hope that through this web site we will be able to let people all over the world know about our needs and that some will come and support our mission to help these poor children.
My Testimony:
My name is M. Joyson. I was born and raised in a Christian family in India. In spite of that, I had no relationship with Christ. One evening, when I was in eighth grade, I returned home from a day of studying. We always had to cross a railway bridge to the other side of a road. This time, though, I slipped and fell from the bridge onto a road beneath. As I lay unconscious on the road, some pedestrians noticed me and took me to the hospital. They also informed my parents, who came to the hospital immediately. There the doctor told them that there was no more hope of survival for me. Then my father laid hands on me and prayed to the Lord Jesus and said: Thank you for giving life to my son. If he survives, we will dedicate his life from this day onward to do Your work. When he finished praying, I opened my eyes, unaware of what had happened to me. I healed during that week and the Lord told me He had appointed me to do His work. I submitted myself to the Almighty and was able to finish my studies and Bible training.
Pastor M. Joyson
My father's Testimony:

Pastor & Rev. Ananda Rao with their family
My name is Meruga Ananda Rao. I was born and raised in a Hindu family. My parents were at first not able to have children. A pastor was conducting a prayer meeting in our village and our parents shared their desire to have children. The pastor told them to have faith in the Lord for children, so my parents gave their lives to Christ and I was born. After they educated me, they sent me for Bible training. I completed my studies and became a pastor. One day, the Lord told me to go to Tadepalli and work for Him. I left my village with my family and started a ministry according to the Lord's calling. Also the Lord showed me grace in the miracle healing of my son and we now work together in preaching the Word of God in Tadepalli. This is very close to Vijayawada City in Andhra Pradesh, India. Recently, we have registered our society called Glory Ministries by approval of the Indian government under number 305/2000 and we have seven board members.
Our Children's stories:
My name is M. Sambhasivarao. I come from a Hindu family. My father worked in a construction site. He died from stomach aches. My mother worked hard at her farm but was not able to sustain my brother, my sister and myself. Some believers in the village told her about the orphanage and my mother took us there. Now we have food every day and we get education. Please pray for me.
My name is S. Sampthkumar. I come from a Hindu family. When I was five years old, my father left the family. My mother went through many struggles and had a hard time feeding my sister and myself, so she brought us to the orphanage. Now I get food every day and I am going to school. Please pray for me.
My name is R. Mary. I come from a Christian family. When I was born, my parents left me on the side of the road. A rickshaw driver found me and took me home. He and his wife took care of me, but after two years he died and his wife was unable to sustain me. She took me to the orphanage where there is now enough food to eat. I also go to school. Please pray for me.
My name is M. Yesu Mary. I come from a Christian family. My father left the family when I was three. My mother became sick soon afterwards and died. My grandfather was taking care of me, but after a while also got ill. He could no longer work and had to beg in order for us to eat. The people of the village asked the orphanage people to take me and help me, which they did. After two months, my grandfather died also. The people in the orphanage take care of me and feed me. I also go to school. Please pray for me.
Please help us
If you would like to help us, please get in contact with us.

Our address is:
Pastor M. Joyson
Glory Ministries
Near Police Station
Tadepalli 522501
Guntur (DT), Andhra Pradesh, India.

You can make checks payable to Joyson or Anandarao.

Our email is:

Our phone number is:
++ 91 8645 72696

Thank you
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