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Greetings to you , your family and Association Members on behalf of our ARDS Orphan Children Home.

It is really a great privilege that God has given to share something with you about my Orphanage service For your kind co-operation. I approach you for your kind consideration for my ARDS Organization.

My name is Bro.Chintha. Samuel. I am a Social Worker and doing the Charity Work for Orphans. My Charity name is ARDS Orphan Children Home. Our ARDS is a Registered Social Organization. We are conducting the Social Service Activities and Charity work for uplift and develop the needy Rural Poor people.

We are started this Orphanage with 2 Children only. Gradually the number of Orphan Children has existed up to 25 Orphans. our ARDS Organization presently conducting this Orphanage for 25 Orphan Children. Name is called ARDS ORPHAN CHILDREN HOME . The Orphan Children Ages are between 4 to 12 years. When we found the Orphan children they were in very pathetic condition. We have provide them Cloths and coverings, Feed them twice for a day and breakfast, Shelter to live, Send them to School, Buy Educational Material and Pay their Medical Bills.

For this Orphan Children Home maintenance we are collecting the very small Donations from local friends and generous people. But now local people are not willing to give the Donations continually. Because Now-a-days prices have gone up so high. That a common man cannot reach the growth prices.

In such a condition we are not able and not in a position to Feed the Orphan Children and unable to fulfill their basic needs properly with out sufficient Donations. If we forsake them to their fate, their previous Lives will ruined. We have no any kind of support from any where (any Foreign country/ Foundation/Association/ Ministry/Church /Trust/ Adoption Agency etc). We have no any Foundation or Organizational affiliation. We are conducting this Charity work with local donations only. But it is a burden for us to manage this Orphanage with In sufficient Donations or Funds.

In these situations we are approaching you for your Kind Charity and Generosity to wipe out the Continual Stream of tears of the Orphan Children tender cheeks and Fill their little bellies with a little food.


For that reason Appealing and I humbly requesting you please help and encourage to our ARDS Orphan Children Home. Please help us in this way. We have no other channel except you. Our Orphanage is entirely depending upon your kind and sympathetic involvement.

Sir really we are not in a position to continue the Orphan Children Home. Because At present we have no at least minimum Donations or Materials to feed the Orphan Children. I am thinking how to continue the Orphanage and how to feed the Orphan children. While I am not able to pay monthly Bills of the Orphanage Food materials. Hence I humbly requesting your kind self please provide your Support to our Orphan Children. Please don’t feel it as risqué and don’t think it is a burden to your kind Self or you’re Family. Please Help these Orphans like Service to Orphans is Service to God.

I humbly requesting you Sir please help to ARDS Orphan Children Home. Please try take soon and kind action. Please send your sympathetically Donations and Kind Gifts to this Orphanage.

Please send your kind monthly support to feed the Orphan Children. Here our Orphan Children are waiting for your kind and sympathetic Involvement. We are expecting an early Positive response in this need.

In Cash or Kind will be grateful Acknowledge.
Any smaller Support or Donation will much be Appreciate.

Note: If any NRI or Donor or Foundation or Trust is interesting and willing to give continue Monthly Support to our Orphanage in the Memorial name of the Father / Mother / Son/Daughter/ Brother/ Sister / His or Her Surname - Here we are ready to Change this Orphanage Name And kept the Name according the Interest or Select or Choice of the Donor / NRI. Please Let me know, if you know any one like in this method. We are welcome. Please don’t feel angry on me about writing like this. I am waiting for your early Mail and response.

Thanking You .

Yours faithfully,


House No:17-1-6/2,

Opp.Road to Telephone Exchange
Daggumalli Vari Street,
BAPATLA 522101,
Guntur District, AP, INDIA,
Cell Phone No : 9394073844
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