According to Amnesty International “Afghanistan is world’s largest forgotten tragedy”. Afghanistan continues to be the land of the most tragic and the most shameful humanitarian disaster. The living hell that is the lives of people in Afghanistan cannot be compared with either Kosovo, nor Kashmir, nor Iran, nor anywhere else in the world. In the present situation while Afghanistan is burning in the fire of fundamentalism, the children of Afghanistan are under the worst psychological as physical pressure. As soon as the fundamentalists came to power in April 1992, the doors of schools were closed and especially girls are not allowed to go to school. The Afghan fundamentalists call school “gate ways to hell”. The ordinary children can by some way or the other with the help of their parents, cope with the situation and get through the difficulties but as far as the orphans are concerned, they have literally no one to take care of them or those members of their families that are left behind are themselves helpless. International aid groups estimate 28,000 children live on the streets of the Kabul city only. In a survey a year ago, the United Nations Children's Fund found that two of every three children interviewed had seen someone killed during the fighting in Kabul. About seven in 10 had lost a close relative to the war. n the forgotten corner of the planet that is Afghanistan, at this dawn of the 21st century, children are doomed in the name of religion. Girl’s schools have been closed and education for them has been banned throughout the country. All the girl’s school buildings have been turned into religion mercenaries ( ( here is no association that can look after these children and most of them turn to begging and a number of them may also turn towards crimes. ( Many children under 18 years old have been taken by the fundamentalists as soldiers and are sent on the front line in order to fight. ( Many children snared by the fundamentalists, are trained in their religious mercenaries. They are brought out as fundamentalist medieval-minded terrorists in these mercenaries and sent to war in Afghanistan, Kashmir and other war-torn areas to fight for fundamentalist bands. ( extraction of human organs, mainly kidneys, from refugee children is rampant in the Afghan refugee camps in Pakistan. Afghan children of eight or nine years of age are subjected to sexual violence, are beaten up and forced into child labor. ( are also hampered by dangerous diseases due to lack of medicines as well as medical facilities. (, little boys are molested by the fundamentalists. ( of the whole population 17% are disabled. Most of them are children. The number of disabled has increased extensively since the beginning of the war. Before the war the total number of disabled people was around 70,000, which increased to a figure of 3.5 million now. ( There are a number of parents that are selling their children because they are not able to feed and clothe them. Some of them even tend to kill their children because of the same reason. In such a situation an orphanage inside Afghanistan cannot be established easily. The ruling fundamentalists won’t allow anything that has to do with education, welfare or development. As estimated more than 1.4 million Afghan refugees are living in Pakistan. Unfortunately there is no orphanage for Afghan orphans in Pakistan except for those religious mercenaries where they train them as criminals. Therefore large numbers of orphans are turning to begging or to crime. Seeing the need for an orphanage that can look after a number of orphans who are homeless and helpless, we have established an orphanage in Pakistan in Jalozi camp. As far as the budget of the orphanage is concerned, our orphanage is not supported by any NGO nor by any government. It is only depending upon the aids of our supporters among the people and the volunteer staff that we have. We will be expecting funds from you and the people who are able to help the poorest and the most helpless children of the world; in order to continue to run the orphanage and improve it’s standard. more of the orphans who are begging in the streets of Peshawar or snared by any criminal, drug dealer or other hazardous groups. We can save the lives of many orphans who are working in the most unbearable conditions e.g. working in brickyards under the scorching heat, throughout the day for a very small amount of money. We can save the life of innocent children who have no one to look after them and have nothing to eat. Our aim is to help the orphans that are in unbearable conditions and bring them out as educated citizens who will be the future of our country. Through your funds we can help more orphans.