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03rd January, 2011

ITA Zambia Ministries “Home Of Champions”

Takes a unique approach to caring for needy children around in Zambia.

ITA Zambia Ministries is a non governmental organization established in 2004 by a group of volunteers who wanted to contribute to reducing the number of children living and working on the streets. The Association is registered under the Zambia Registrar of Societies. When children are orphaned, they become vulnerable to a whole host of dangers in the name of supporting themselves and their siblings.  Children who have been orphaned often drop out of school to provide for themselves and to pay for food and school fees for younger siblings.  Orphaned children often fall prey to sexual exploitation and possibly prostitution; they may be co-opted into joining militias or armed groups or forced into domestic servitude.  ITA Zambia Ministries noted some staggering statistics regarding the affects of being orphaned upon children

Our Mission

Wherever possible to provide practical support which allows children to grow up within their own families and communities


Executive Committee of Trustees


Our ITA Zambia Orphanages Team

Pastor Godfrey Munyamba (Chair)

Elisabeth N’ganwe (Hon. Treasurer)

Peter Chishal (Hon. Secretary)

Bernard Mafale

Lawrence Kamawu

Rev: Jacob Banda

Rodgers Makaliki

Jane Mawelele

Grace Kumwenda

May nard Nkata

Chinyama Hamweenda

Gerald Mumba – Chief Executive

Noah Silwimba – Head of Development

Robby Chinyama – Finance Manager

Fredrick Mwamba – Events Coordinator

Jessica Chiyaka – Student Volunteer Coordinator and Fundraising Officer

Nsangala Chamutangi – PA to Chief Executive and Administrator

Jonathan Chiwewu – Marketing Officer

Due to poverty and hunger, HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and other diseases and

natural disasters, there are many  orphaned and abandoned children. 

Children, especially the very young,

need someone to provide them with food,

clothes, and an education to reduce

their risk of getting one of the diseases

that cause so much death. 

Unfortunately there are not enough families

that are willing or able to take in all the

orphaned children in the world and so many

orphans are abandoned out on

the street to care for themselves.  Since these orphaned and abandoned children can not care for themselves they need us to provide for them so that they can hope for a better future. We really do offer hope to those who need it the most.

That is why we need more sponsors and partners.  This orphanage can

not exist without sponsors like you. The children we help are almost always

orphans or abandoned and in great need. But we do much more than provide

food and shelter. We invest in every part of a child’s life – bringing him or

her into a “family” with other children, under the care of committed

Christian house parents. In that family-style environment we can provide

safety, social stability, education, hope for a productive life and – most importantly – the Christian

witness and encouragement needed to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.


In all our ministries we seek to:

In these ways, we seek to have the children in our care become responsible adult citizens – the people God wants them to be – through five major types of ministry outreach:

Advanced Education, Many of our residential and school children show the abilities to continue in their education.  Whenever possible, we assist these teens to finish high school and beyond.

Volunteers needed.  Many people have asked if we know of any volunteers that are interested in volunteering, so we need many volunteers to help us feed these children. Volunteer to help orphaned and abandoned children.  When you see the poverty and hunger that these orphaned and abandoned children from poor countries suffer it will change how you view life.

Famillies Together, The new Families Together initiative allows ITA Zambia Ministries to reach out and help many more starving children…right in their own home! We provide support to a poor single parent, grandparent or other relative, caring for their child or grandchild, by caring for the needs of the child and family.

Schools, Education gives our residential home children a more promising future, and it’s also a way ITA Zambia Ministries Orphanage Homes can bring opportunity and hope to other children in the wider communities where we work.

Education is a critical need for ITA Zambia Ministries ‘Home of Champion’s’ resident children, as it gives them a far more promising future. It has also proven to be a key to reaching beyond our residential homes, to bring opportunity and hope to children in the wider community.

Without an education, a child’s future is bleak. Frequently, lack of education condemns a child to living in the streets and sometimes to crime or prostitution. For a child without education, life can be harsh.

But an education opens up the entire world for a child. Helpless children who once were unsure of their next meal or where they would sleep at night can – with an education – dream of becoming a pilot, nurse, or educated professional able to give back to their community. The education ITA Zambia Ministries provides enables children to grow up into the people we know God wants them to be. This is the difference ITA Zambia Ministries provides – and the hope an education can make.

Care Centers, Through Care Centers, ITA Zambia Ministries will be able to supply many of the services provided in residential homes – food, medical care, Christian witness and education – to many more children who are not full-time residents.

You can help provide school supplies and tuition for needy children today!


ITA Zambia Ministries ‘Home of Champions’ aims and objectives are to help disabled, orphaned, poor and exploited children, in particular those living in our country. This is achieved through providing, promoting and advancing children’s rights to basic necessities, including education and health care, aimed at sustaining their long term development.

To provides holistic care and support to HIV/AIDS orphans, vulnerable, disadvantaged, orphaned and abandoned children and youth and their communities in Zambia, Africa.  Sponsor an orphan and save African orphaned and abandoned children from poverty and hunger. Our focus at ITA Zambia Ministries is that children will graduate from high school at a rate that is twelve times greater than the national average. And many of these children then go on to further their education at local colleges.

Ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of more than three hundred orphaned and abandoned children in Zambia

The Day Care Centre enables disadvantaged children to obtain a pre school education, inclusive of morning and mid day meals as well as vocational skills development for school leavers and drop outs, free of charge. All this, in a safe, child friendly environment away from the daily abuses...

Residential Children's Homes

The first and still most critical ITA Zambia Ministries programs are residential homes for children, where needy children live together in family units with several other children and their own Christian house parents. In this way children can experience — often for the first time – what it means to have their physical needs met while also experiencing the love and warmth of a family. Rented residential homes are often grouped together as an extended community of ITA Zambia Ministries ‘Home of Champion’s kids. In every case our ministries are designed to meet the needs of children within the context of the society where they live. Children in our homes are cared for from infancy through young adulthood, and so are prepared to become responsible and independent members of society. Following high school graduation, many of our children pursue higher education in local colleges and universities to become professionals such as doctors, lawyers, teachers, and engineers. 

Medical Clinics, Basic medical care is a primary need, so ITA Zambia Ministries ‘Home of Champions’ seek to build clinics in some of the places where we serve, both for our residential children and for others in local communities. 

Specialized Community Outreach, ITA Zambia Ministries ‘Home of Champions’ sometimes addresses special needs requiring tailored ministry approaches – such as relief responses, programs to help street kids in larger cities, or supporting single blinded mothers, widows or grandmothers as they care for their children or grandchildren who later migrates into the town streets.

Medical Clinics

Like education, basic medical care is a primary need both for ITA Zambia Ministries Home of Champions residential children and for children and adults in surrounding communities. For this reason, medical care has become an outreach in many of the places where ITA Zambia Ministries “Home of Champions” works.

Children not enrolled in ITA Zambia Ministries “Home of Champions program can come to our clinics daily to receive treatment for malnutrition, poor hygiene, dysentery, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and other potentially lethal diseases. Among the most important services to be provided by ITA Zambia Ministries “Home of Champions clinics, will be used for preventive treatments like vaccinations, regular child check-ups, hygiene education, dental care, prenatal care and child birth information. This preventive intervention not only saves lives, but often reduces the need for later emergency treatment for children. Service Teams with medical backgrounds shall play a vital role in providing medical care through the ITA Zambia Ministries “Home of Champion’s clinics. We will need a volunteer group of visiting nurses, dentists or hygienists to – provide care that is life-changing for hundreds of children in our poor communities.

You can help provide a clinic supplies and other necessities for needy children today!

Keeping Families Together/ No Conditions to restrict orphans

Nothing is more heartbreaking than when a single mom, grandmother or other relative comes to ITA Zambia Ministries “Home of Champion” because she can’t feed her children/grandchildren, and tearfully asks if we can take them in and care for them.

In Zambia, the HIV/AIDS pandemic often means both parents are dead, and it’s left to a grandmother to care for her grandchildren. Without help, these children can become malnourished and diseased. Many are forced to live on the streets in constant danger of being victimized or having to turn to prostitution or other criminal behavior, just to survive.

Through our Keeping Families Together efforts, ITA Zambia ‘s Home of Champions reaches out and help many more starving children…right in their own home! We provide support to a poor single parent, grandparent or other relative, helping them take care of their child or grandchild, by caring for the needs of the child and family.

This initiative helps poor children who have a home and someone to take care of them when there just aren't resources to meet the needs of the child and family. Through Keeping Families Together...

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Thank you for your interest in helping ITA Zambia Ministries.’ Champion Homes’ Any amount you are willing to give us will make a difference to children's lives around Zambia.

There are many ways you can donate to Home of Champions and they are all highlighted in this section.

  • If you would like to give a monthly or one-off donation, please use our online system below

  • To give to a specific project or cause please click http//

  • If you would like to send us a cheque, please make it payable to ITA Zambia Ministries and send it to

International Bible Teachers Association of Zambia Ministries

Home of Champions’

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  • Or alternatively call our donation line on +260 966852843/ 955852843

  • Cash Deposits shall be payable to us through Bank Account Number : 0560440000000080

Zambia National Commercial Bank

Industrial Branch Kit we, Zambia


Please choose the denomination you want to donate:

£ 10 Feed a child
for a month


£ 20 Provide a play kit
for a Children's Centre


£ 30 Provide school
books and clothes


£ 80 Provide a
prosthesis for a disabled child


£ 90 Will pay a
teachers salary for
a month


£ 500 Could pay for
one month running
cost of a school or

Every penny of every pound from public donations goes towards the cause for which it is donated. We support and have provided HOPE to children in over 30 countries around the world. Please give generously.

Your gift now will change the life of a poor child and that child's family.  Please give today!

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Every penny of every pound from public donations goes towards the cause for which it is donated. We support have provided Hope to children in three provinces of Zambia.

Please give generously

These Boys had no proper care and they have been

Brought up in the streets of Kitwe Town in Zambia

Where they smoke genkem

(Inflammable liquids e.g. Petrol)

to make them drunk

Community Outreach

In some communities of the country, the needs of poor children and families cannot adequately be met by ITA Zambia Ministries, usual ministry mix of residential homes, care centers, schools and medical clinics. In such cases, Community Outreach programs are specially designed to meet these particular needs.

But perhaps the best example of a Community Outreach program is ITA Zambia Ministries ‘Families together’ initiative, which seeks to support poor families where children still have a parent or grandparent, but the family simply doesn’t have the resources to feed and care for the children. In such cases, ITA Zambia Home of Champions provides support to allow the family to stay together by caring for the needs of the child and the family. The child will receive healthy food, medical care, education and Christian nurture, while the parent or grandparent also attend parenting and job skills classes to help build a better life.

WE equip widows with tailoring and designing skills from rented centre within the communities they live in order

to help them be self dependant after loosing their beloved husband.

At the mean time the organization is asking from well wisher (donor communities) to assist us pay for transportation cost of about £340 British Pound to Tools with a mission so that the tools will be sent to ITA Zambia Ministries.

These Tools are very helpful in training the youths at our centers.

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