SECCO Background

We are a non profit making, non denominational, non government body formed on volunteer basis to give hope to the children who have suffered and continue to suffer not by their will but due to circumstances they are put in by wars in the Northern part of this country Uganda.

In 1986 when the war in the Northern Uganda had just began, we thought of trying to help the children because they are more vulnerable during such a situation. At that time we did not know that the war would become perpetual as it is now. We thought it would take may be months. We began by looking after children who would get lost from their parents because of the confusion of the war or even a few whose parents had died. As the war went on we found ourselves taking on more responsibilities than we can handle. I come from the Northern part of this country where there has been war for the last 16 years. In a war situation, women, children and the elderly suffer most. Children are abducted against their will to become soldiers. They die on the battlefield, they die when a village is attacked, they die from diseases, they die from hunger, etc. The enemies of children are so numerous and yet they are the future. That is why my heart goes out to children. To protect them to me is to protect human race, which is threatened with extinction due to war, hanger, diseases, etc.(Some articles from our local news papers are enclosed to show you what the war has done to the people from this part of the country. I named it the face of war).

There are about one million orphaned children in this region alone. Some of them we discover them alone in homes trying to look after themselves without parents.

VISION: Give a second chance to an orphan child who is suffering not because of his/her free will but because of the result of wars, HIV/AIDS, natural disaster, etc, in terms of education and health.


To provide education and shelter to the marginalized children in the war torn area of Northern Uganda. To provide counseling and skills to the adolescents and school dropouts with missed opportunities. To provide health counseling to young people about the dangers of AIDS, STD, teenage pregnancy, sex before marriage, etc .To empower the girl child by making her aware of her rights. (Northern Uganda used to be one of the areas where people were highly educated but now, it is the least in the field of education and health mainly because of the 16 years of war in this region).To provide health care to the orphaned child. This project will give these children a hope for the future.

AIM: To provide opportunities to the under privileged children of the war torn areas in the field of education and health in order to build/salvage a generation which would have otherwise been lost.


What we are doing

Since 1986 when the war began in this Northern part of Uganda, we have been sponsoring children to school. We now sponsor over 20 children from Primary one to now one in the University. We clothe and feed these orphans from our own resources. We have never had any help from anywhere. These children go to various schools scattered all over the place.

What we intend to do

We intend to solicit for funds from organizations, churches, bodies and individuals who share the same vision to:

  1. Build a school. At present we sponsor children to various schools and this has proved very expensive which means that only a few children can be able to go to school. If the school is built many more children can be catered for. Volunteer teachers can be got from the community.($1,020,000)

  2. Build a vocational school to cater for the school drop out ($125,000) This will give hope to the adolescence who have missed formal school opportunities to get skills like tailoring, cookery, carpentry, building etc

  3. Build a health Center to cater for the health of the children.($ 500,000)

  4. Build an orphanage where the children can live as a family and build each other as a family. At the moment many live in our home and others in scattered places where we can get accommodation, of course we pay.($200,00)

  5. We are looking for sponsors for individual children. We want to help more children but our resources are limited. There are over a million children of school going age in this region who cannot afford to go to school. School and health systems are all interrupted because of the war.

(school fees per child per term average $250)

  1. We need some Clothes for the children because we can’t afford to clothe them. ( School uniforms a pair per year $20 per child and other spare clothes)

  2. We need some scholastic materials for the school going age such as books, pens, textbooks etc.($30 per child per term)

  3. We need subsistence for the children ($100 per child per month)

9) We shall accept assistance from anybody who might be moved to contribute to ease the suffering of these human beings who have no hope for the future without our help.

Evelyn Otim

Chief Manager Commercial & Customer Services
National Water & Sewerage Corporation
Head Office, Jinja Road, Plot 39,
P.O Box 7053, Kampala
Phone: 256 41 343 273,
Fax:256 41 343 203,
Mobile:256 77 2 631145

You and I together, lets give life to another human being

Some photos of the children we are responsible for.

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Written by Evelyn Otim on 29-11-2007