Our offices are located on Kivejjinja road, in Kyerinda zone, Kasalina ward in Buwenge Town Council, Jinja district-Uganda


Tel: +256 782-017119/+256 755-017119


Reach the Needy Development Association (RENDA) started in year in year the 2003 as a Community Based Organization (CBO), registered as a non-government organization in the year 2007. It is neither non-political, non-sectarian, non-denominational nor profit making, targeting uplifting the lives of the people at the grass root level (people living with HIV/AIDS, widows, children youths and Elderly).

This was a result of realizing the increasing effects of HIV/AIDS and marginalized groups in its area of operation.

Its operation areas are Jinja and Luuka/Iganga districts, with its headquarters at market zone, kasalina ward, Buwenge Town Council, Jinja District, Uganda.

It networks with other rural non government organizations (NGO) and community Based Organization (CBO).

VISION: ‘’To Caring for and serving the needy.”

MISSION: To improve the livelihoods for social and economic development.

GOAL: To have health, developed and happy community free from ignorance on matters concerning their daily life.


To mitigate the impact of stigma and discrimination of HIV/AIDS clients

To offer good environment learning, Scholarship, Care and Support to Orphans and other Vulnerable

To promote advocate services to the marginalized people

To promote self-sustainability in the community including the Elderly,


1. HIV/AIDs intervention through prevention, care as the main product of the organization.

2. Sensitization and creation of awareness.

3. Counseling and guidance.

4. Outreaches to schools, churches, markets vendors through music, dance and drum.

5. Provision of education facilities and scholastic material.

6. Lobbying scholarship for the vulnerable children.

7. Provide of advocacy service.

8. Sensitization and creation of awareness.

9. Entrepreneurship skills for youth and women.

10. Food security and sovereignty.

11. Food and Nutrition.

12. Extension of loans to the infected and affected individuals and families to improve their livelihoods.

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Tel: +256 782-017119 / +256 755-017119

HIV and AIDs

Reach the Needy Development Association (RENDA) is majoring in HIV and AIDs related activities: Counseling and guidance, Home Based Care with stigma reduction, couple HIV and testing, youth life skills, orphans and other vulnerable children issues.

HIV and AIDs needs emergency care that is there is need for standby medication and nutrition support e.t.c to save the lives of the People living with HIV/AIDs. Have you ever thought of the children born HIV positive? These children, shortly their parent die leaving them in the hand of grand parents, homelessly and without any source of income all leading to poor livelihoods and hopeless life.

HIV and AIDs infected children, gueardians very old, no source of income

Man died of AIDs

HIV affected family headed by a 70 year old Nabirye Margret.


Reach the Needy Development Association, as an HIV/AIDs organization, through offering HIV and AIDs related services in the community: Counseling and guidance, Home Based Care with stigma reduction, couple HIV and testing, youth life skills, orphans and other vulnerable children issues, comes across a big challenge of day by day of school-going dropouts, as a result of rampant/effects of HIV/AIDs especially in the rural areas all leading to early marries, drug abuse, child labor and more spread of HIV especially youth.

Orphanage school operating in a rented building for the former co-operative society building.It is 100fts by 30fts, with two doors, no windows and partitions.

Orphanage pit latrine

The pupils standing n the parade

P.7 candidates sited, revising in their classroom

The front of the orphanage building as of picture 01.

There is need for an orphanage school because many orphans and other vulnerable children are without any body to care. Many children are abandoned by their parent due to lack of any support, yet child adoption is almost o% of African counties.


Economic empowerment is now one of RENDA’s key factor for HIV/AIDs infected and affected, elderly and guardians of Orphans and other vulnerable families to empower them with income generation activities. If this is done, there shall be increased rate of school-going children, care and support among HIV and AIDs infected and affected, lessening early marries, drug abuse, child labor and less spread of HIV in the community.

Pupils looking at carots for the first time. Nutritional demostration gargen for the school

School pupils and teacgers in the school garden picking green paper.See banana plantations too.


RENDA involves in advocacy service to ensure improved services to the people living with HIV and AIDs and to all the marginalized groups of people in the community. Think about a positive living person (PHA), an orphan (OVC) or a widow is being thrown out a home, Land or denied access to the bank account of her husband. How about a child being denied of education, forced into early marriage and child labor due lack of parent?

Child abuse. aged 9 years, sells tomatoes to earn a living.

community polishing on child abuse

Volunteer opportunities

There is high need for volunteers in our organization to enable us over come the challenges and if many, others can be replaced to the networking organizations.

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