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There are different kinds of service but the same Lord, there are different kinds of working but the same God works all them…1st Corinthians :12:5-6

Welcome to Reach Africa international we are located 30 kilometers south East of Jinja Town, Uganda on aslopy fertile soil totaling fifteen acres in the village of Buseera A Busakira Sub-county Mayuge District.

Our Genesis dates back in March 2005 when three people (teachers) felt the Lord impress on the need to café for the dis-advantaged orphans and vulnerable children and communities through spiritual , social and educational needs.

Colunm2:ABOUT US:

I………delivered the poor who cried for help and the orphan who had no helper, the blessing of the one ready came upon me and made the widow’s heart sing for joy(Job:29:12-13)

Reach Africa International is-not-for-profit Christian Relief Organization dedicated to working with the Vulnerable Children and their Communities mostly the orphans and areas severely affected by HIV/AIDS and Wars.

Motivated by our Christian Faith, Reach Africa International, serves all people regardless of Religion, Race, Ethnicity or Gender.

We work at grass roots of local communities of Mayuge, Namaingo,Namutumba and Bugiri districts and we aim at catching those who cannot get aid. Our passion is for the poorest children and vulnerable communities in securing a better future for each child .We focus on lasting community Based Transformation.

The loss of apparent has a consequence on the children’s ability to get access to needs and children orphaned by HIV/AIDS suffer a serious disruption mostly to their Education. Typically those children miss out on school enrolment or easily drop out of school as there is no adult to monitor the school attendance and other basic needs, because they cant afford school dues, books, uniforms and other most dis-advantaged children lack accommodation, food and medical.

At RAI, we realized that orphaned girls are most vulnerable and are mostly denied education so they easily find work as domestic workers, get married and others end up in commercial sex. They abandon schools to work and others look after siblings and are usually stigmatized and discrimination. As you know losing apparent(s) doesn’t only cause the devastating emotional impact but also the inability to access basic rights to such as food, housing, health making situations desperate. All in all, the children lose the opportunity to get Education, this implies they are likely to lose the opportunity they have to uplift them selves out of poverty as education is the key to success.

The primary mission of RAI, is to support children approximately 100 who are living at Reach Africa Children’s Home which was established 2005.Orphanesd and neglected are cared by loving staff and they are part of the Christian family. What began as a single children’s home, we hope to grow into community, which will include multi children’s home, primary school, church a health clinic and farms and training centre. This will be possible in few years with support not only from Reach Africa International, but also through many individuals, churches and organizations from the whole world.

Reach Africa International exists as Christian ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social and physical poverty and enable them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults.

Cultural customs and traditional practices must not take procedures over biblical guidelines for human relationship. Our Heavenly Father declares the value and dignity of human life.

Adults and children are made in the image of God (Genesis 1:27,Psalms 139).God’s words must have the final authority in regulating compassionate treatment of every human being including children. Our statement of faith, we believe the Holy Scriptures as originally given by God.

We believe in the plan of salvation and the Lord Jesus Christ is the God manifested in the flesh. We believe in the Holly Spirit enables believers to live a holy life to witness and work for the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe in the resurrection.

Vision statement:

Our vision for each child to have life in all its fullness. Our prayer for every heart, the will to make id so.

Mission statement:

Our mission is to follow our Lord and savoir Jesus in working with the poor and vulnerable communities in human transformation, seek justice and bear witness to good news of the kingdom of God.

Our Core Values;

We are christains.

We value people.

We are partners.

We are committed to the poor.

We are responsive.

We are stewards.

Column 3:PROJECTS:

Reach Africa Children’s Home:

Was established in 2005 at the main ministry that Busakira community supports and is located on the property of the organization. Its safe and is a supportive environment for the dis-advantaged children and others who are much vulnerable. The children learn what its to loved as part of Christian family as the they access to nurturing, nourishment and Housing and Education.

Reach Africa International believes in covenant relationship rather than contracts with the children. The children are therefore not removed from the home once they reach an appointed age. Its truly a Family atmosphere in which the long term welfare of each child is considered.

RAI Children’s home is not yet constructed and it has 100 children in temporary houses.

Reach Africa Christian primary school:

Although there some primary schools and secondary schools, in Busakira sub county ,Majority of these school are not meeting the academic requirement of the children in the area.

On average ,there over 55 students per teacher, some teachers even have 110 students to teach in the same classroom!.School structures are also limited, this proves to be big problems.

Reach Africa children used to move more than 3 kms to attend the local primary schools and were affected by circumstances at these schools. The main issue revolved around class sizes, many children in classes and others. And these children were behind and unable to catch up since they were not at schools, so they needed a special attention in order to progress in their studies, but we couldn’t receive this attention as teachers in school have so many students to teach.

The teaching of English was not seen as apriority but being the language of further education, life and business. English is crucial for the children’s future. To secure abettor future for the children, it was determined by RAI that there was need to have a primary school at the Reach Africa International base. Construction of temporary structures was finished. Expect those who are secondary still move to attend their studies in the local secondary schools almost 3 kms from home.

The children benefit more as teachers provide more help to those who need it. They have also more two additional hours available in their day as they no longer have along walk to school. This time can be used for extra studies, for helping out around their home, or for enjoyment being children.

Any financial contribution can be directed for the construction of the permanent classroom block. As a solution to those who move to attend their secondary studies, there will be a need to construct secondary school and eventually a vocational institute to provide vocational skills such as carpentry, mental working not only to children living at Reach Africa children’s home but also to the surrounding villages. This valuable training will give individuals a means of proving for them selves and their families. As funding allows, new skills will be added, thus broadening the scope of this training program.

Health clinic:

In Busakira S/County of Mayuge, there is no any referral health centre, except one Health unit 2which attempts to meet the needs of24000 people in 32 villages. This proves a great need of a health clinic with sufficient number of trained staff as the current one lacks.

T meet this great need in disparate area ,RAI If funding allows, hope to build a health clinic on the Reach Africa International property to access health care for those in need. This facility hope to be with sufficient rooms, beds, proper equipments and supplies as well as trained staff and we hope to seeing20-40 patients per day. And it will serve the needs of RAI’s staff and children as those in the surrounding communities.

On average, it will cost 10$ to treat an individual, depending on the severity of their condition. Village residents will be asked to pay a small amount of money for their treatment .Since most of them live on less 1$ per day.


Buseera Community Church, is to be a support ministry of all programs under Reach Africa International and the children’s Home. As to be on the same property with other projects, Buseera Community Church looks to be a shining light as its to be in the area surrounded by32 villages with over 24000 people. It will be led by Pr M.Charles Lwanga, Programs Manager RAI.

Foster parents and support staff of Reach Africa International’s Home will serve the church leadership team and we hope to become a congregation soon and start out reaches, evangelism and education.


The organization began scaling up interventions on HIV/AIDS by tackling its effects on the children and the communities.RAI in partnership with other organizations advocate against HIV/AIDS. It takes care to the affected and the infected people. This is done through Home Based Care programs, Public sensitization and seminars.

This supports Government’s ministries to put in place policies, plans and other activities that ensure the availability, integrations and utilization of sustainable treatment services to its citizens.

Reach Africa International welcomes volunteers, donors, grants making organizations to intervene and use a combined hand.

Column 4:WAYS TO HELP:

He who has a pity to the poor, lends to the Lord ….Proverbs:19:17

Reach Africa International Established a sponsorship program which is 2 in fold:

The first is to offer consistent financial support which with to help to cover expenses related to the children home, schools, church and other planed projects while this amount is not enough to provide completely for all areas such food, clothing, medical care, education and other human basic needs .It does provide consistent resource of income that Reach Africa can rely on to meet those important needs. The money can be given directly or put on the organization’s account for the care of the children or for other programs.

The second purpose of sponsorship program, is relational. Our desire is to seek sponsors develop a friendship with children at Reach Africa International through exchanging letters and photos. This has proven to be such an important part of the program because of the joy that it brings to the kids and the correspondence with their friends.

For this reason, we kindly beseech you to prayerfully consider our sponsorship program as we are seeking sponsors who desire to intervene in the program and who want also to get know them on amore personal level.


We work as partners who belongs to God, you’re God’s fields, buildings not ours…1st Corinthians 3:9

Reach Africa International being a Christian organization, partners with Churches from all walks, Non profit Organizations, Charities Business enterprises and individuals. Partner with us today and we share ideas, experiences and pave way forwards together.

Currently, Reach Africa International partnered with Hearts4peace, the consulting agency in peace initiative and social justices in families, work places, churches and in other places.


Reach Africa International is always looking for people to help with work on voluntary basis. This will help us to keep our promise we do to the public as such contributions will go directly to the cause for which they are donated. We need help with day-day staff, as well as fundraising events and more specialized in development expertise there is adevelope volunteers’ policy. If you would like to help in any way, we would love to hear from you. Contact M.Charles Lwanga.


Column 8: contacts


M.Charles Lwanga: Programs Manager Reach Africa International


Cell Mob:+256774474628/+256701474628/+256755411796/+256774411796+-.

Buseera A Busakira

Sub-county Mayuge District



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