Mutanda Orphanage Centre

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Achievements and Obstacles

Director along with orphans and friends


Mutanda Orphanage Centre is a community based, non profit making non sectartan and non partisan organization based
in Kis= District Western Uganda, East Africa.It was established on January 2008 and registered in November 2012 as a
Community. Based Organisation under Registration No. DGCS 399.


Working for a better community.

The organisation is to raise awareness among the orphans, single parents, and
guardians in the community about the impact and dangers of being uneducated and
the consequences to society of having children that grow up without parental care and

The Organisation promotes projects that improve livelihood of the orphans and widows
more especially families headed by orphans these projects are crafts making, animal
rearing and organic farming.

Scope of work

The organisation's majorly handles the provision of basic needs like education. shelter.
medical care and clothing to the orphaned and disadvantaged children in Kisoro District.
However we have discovered that the widows are also one of the disadvantaged groups
that we have in our community. We have also geared efforts to helping the
disadvantaged widows by empowering them economically in order to fend for their

Area of Operation

The most vulnerable groups that need assistance are the Islanders whose incomes are
very low and social services like medical centres, schools, roads etc have not been put
in place in these areas that are considered remote with no major economic activities
going on. Most children in these islands are unable to access education and even those
who do sometimes have to cross over to dry land to access education.


Our mission is to give hope and a home to the orphaned and disadvantaged children
in through developing children with active and creative mind, sense of belonging in the
community in which they live, develop compassion for others as well as encourage them to
harness their God given gifts and talents. We stress this total development of guidance
and children's social, spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical being.

Local Government intervention. Just four years ago government commenced the construction of atleast one access road,
however the progress is slow and it may take some time to complete the road works.

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