Mutanda Orphanage Centre

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Achievements and Obstacles

A man chats with fatherless children.

What Mutanda Orphanage Centre has been able to achieve
The directors of the organisation have tried to provide the children with basic necessities. however due to the large numbers of need
children and the meager income of the directors, we have been able to cater for only 28 children with some basics like:
Hand sponsorship, moral advice and care.
Counseling and guidance
Scholastic materials

Mutanda Orphanage Centre Problems
Mutanda Orphanage Centre (MOC) is a community based non profitable organisation established in 2008 to support orphans. vulnerable
children and widows to address their needs. The project is operational in two Sub-counties geographical areas with 120 orphans at
ages of 4-18 years and expansion will be targeting more orphans and again it will be considered as it progresses.

Rampant death due to HIV/AIDS leading to more Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Much as there has been a great and tremendous strides in the fight against HIV/AlDs. there are still many death reports from
communities of Kisoro District which consequently has accumulated the number of orphans and vulnerable children. The epidemic
has claimed a number of productive people hence leaving behind many child headed families, widows, orphans, this has resulted
into orphans dropping out of school by going to the local markets and on road sides where they have been engaged in child labour
or one on the road sides to beg from whoever they meet and early pregnancies to young girls and prostitution. Some women and
youths have given touching testimonies of prostitution as one way of earning a living with high risk of acquiring HIV/AlDs.

Hence this presents enormous challenges of coping with devastating social and economic impact in addition to the high HIV/AIDs
prevalence rates and ever increasing number of orphans and vulnerable children, usually at tender ages, some of whom are HIV-positive.

In stressing deeply about poveity. is that MOC (Mitanda Orphanage Centre) is in a remote area thus lacks support to sensitize
community members. Most homes lack shelter, food. no clothes more especially blankets.

Meager Resources i.e Shortage of Land
A man having many wives more than two would always share gardens hence the portion to some of the families becomes too small to
support the family with enough food. VVhen a man proves himself unable to support his family, he would always run away from home
and go to the city like Kampala to look for employment, being tin educated he fails to get employment and also joins street beggars.
mind you, children are left at home with their mothers at the home village with no care, and eventually the women in the villages
are tempted to steal food for their children, and others are tempted to sleep with other men where they end up contracting HIV/AIDs.

Ignorance is also a problem due to cultural men who simply marry without going for blood check-ups and in the long run they are all
infected with the epidemic and this leads to death leaving children without support.

Redundancy and Alcoholism
Parents in our communities take more alcohol as their best drink and have caused much poverty to their families since most of their
time is spent in taking alcohol and they do not engage in economic activities but instead leave the farming to the women who have to.

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