Mutanda Orphanage Centre

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Achievements and Obstacles

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Mutanda Orphanage Centre is a non profit making community based organisation, non sectarian, non partisan located
in South Western corner of Uganda, Kigezi Region, Rubuguri Town Council.

It was established on January 2008 and registered in November 2010 under Number DGCS 399. The organisation is working
with Orphans and vulnerable children. The organisation empowers widows and other unemployed groups.

As we are in a remote area we are marginalized society in our District and we cannot access government services to the maximum.

Just four years ago government had opened community access roads the first one since independence.

To form this organisation was to uplift the orphans, poor families and needy children, to achieve better life. The organisation
directors tried their best to provide orphans with some basics like:
Hand sponsorship, moral advice and care.
Counseling and guidance.
Scholastic materials using our meager income to uplift them.

Mission Statement:

To develop children with active and creative mind, sense of under standing, compassion, for others they were encouraged to act on their
belief. We stress this total development of guidance and children's social, spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical.

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