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Life Child Initiatives (LICHI) as a recognized and credible NGO, runs its operations in line with the laws set by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Uganda governing NGOs. All our operations are run in a transparent fashion and are aimed at achieving our goals and objectives. LICHI is recognized and works in collaboration with the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development.

LICHI is a member of UNASO (Uganda National AIDS Service Organizations) and NGO Forum.

LICHI has an elected Board of Directors (BOD) which oversees the day-to-day activities of the organization. The BOD is gender sensitive; it comprises of nine (9) members of whom at least three (3) must be women. The BOD are appointed based on their experience and skills and must represent all sectors in the community. They must also be committed to fight for the well-being of children and other vulnerable groups.

LICHI has a team of qualified employees which includes social workers, counselors, a researcher, a planner, an economist and educationists. The organization also has volunteers chosen based on their experience in the child-support field.

LICHI uses strict financial management policies that ensure accountability and transparency in all its financial transactions. Below are some of our procedures in financial management:

  • All transactions must be sanctioned and approved by at least three signatories.
  • All work plans and financial budgets are reviewed and approved in monthly Board meetings.
  • All financial and project reports are reviewed and approved during monthly meetings.
  • Quarterly meetings of members in clusters are held to report, assess and plan.
  • Separate books of accounts are kept for each individual funding source.

Although LICHI carries out its own researches and case studies, it collaborates with other agencies and sister organizations worldwide to disseminate vital information to those who desire it. The organization's experienced and selfless staff along with the BOD work hard to support ensure that the organization stays on course.

LICHI uses the constitution as a reference to rules, regulations and guidelines. We have in place human, financial and non-financial resource management policies that guide the process of supporting our beneficiaries.

LICHI's transparent activities and tireless efforts to support the disadvantaged children has earned it credibility and recognition worldwide.

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