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The number of orphans in Uganda stands at 2 million.out of a population of about 22 million people. This, by any standards is a formidable number for even healthy economies to handle. But the Ugandan economy and all other social structures have been eroded by past years of mismanagement, wars and political instability. Therefore even if today, there is economic growth and supportive policies regarding the welfare of children, orphans are still the burden of extended families although most of these are living from hand to mouth. In a situation like that where resources are stretched, orphans are naturally take second place in everything; food, clothes, education and even love.

In 1992, a group of women felt that they could offer themselves to help alleviate the suffering of orphans and to offer support to families which had taken on these orphans, especially in providing school fees, school requirements and in some cases, even food. That is when the organisation CHILD AND WORLD AGAPE OUTREACH (CWAO) was born.

The beginnings were humble in the village of Kiti some distance from the city, where the liberation war had left many orphans and widows and AIDS had come to make a bad situation even more tragic. Later CWAO spread it work to Budo and Matugga and other parts of the country.

There are 400 orphans of all ages now under Agape. This year Well got our first child to go to University, while many others are in pursuing vocational courses. The very first girl to benefit from the programme is now working and happily married to a pastor and she has a beautiful baby of

The mission of CWAO is To bring up orphaned children and destitute of ages 3-15 years under the love of God in a Christian family set-up and provide them with basic necessities of life and a hope for the future.

Objectives of Agape
  • To propagate the Christian faith and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to orphans, destitute and other children as revealed in the Holy scriptures.
  • To provide and facilitate the education, instruction, training and equipping with skills, teaching and upbringing of children in Christian character to become reliable, responsible, resourceful and productive citizens of Uganda.
  • To provide and promote the provision essential spiritual, material and social needs of life to orphans, destitute and widows.
  • To promote the education and dissemination of information on health care and disease prevention to communities while providing health care to the orphans, destitute and widows.
  • To establish, 0promote projects and activities that generate income for orphans and the project.

The organisation has mainly concentrated on providing school fees to orphans in the three villages of Kiti, Matugga and Budo. However there are many other orphans from other parts of the country and also in the city centre who are on the sponsorship programme. Children in the sponsorship programme also receive text books, school uniform, stationery, clothing and food. Four hundred children are so far being fully sponsored. 270are in primary school,113 in secondary schools and 17 are pursuing various courses at diploma level and University ..

The children have also benefited from holiday camps and seminars organised to teach them life skills and values.

CWAO, with the help of some generous friends, has purchased a 50-acre piece of land in Matugga, 16 miles from Kampala. The land will be used to establish a boarding primary school and it will also serve as home to some of the orphans who are completely without a home.

Planned activities
CWAO is in the process of building a boarding primary school on the land in Matugga. The school will primarily cater for the children already on sponsorship programme and others who will eventually be taken on. However, children from the local community around will also benefit from the school. There will be section of the school to cater as home to orphans who are without homes. In future, CWAO plans to expand the school to offer vocational subjects

The land is also to be used for commercial projects such as farming, both in crop and animal husbandry.

The orphan problem is widespread and it poses a real danger to the development of this country. Children who miss opportunities for improving themselves today, will be a big burden to society and of no use to themselves in future. The problem is for every Ugandan to try and solve.
CWAO invites you to be a partner in giving a chance to the children of this nation to lead a productive life.

To contact Child and World Agape Outreach ;

Write to :

P.O. Box 10327

Kampala Uganda

Tel/fax 256-41-266064

God bless you for helping the orphans of Uganda .

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This page was prepared on 4 December 2001 by Joseph Vos based on info sent by Agnes Kabatesi. Date of information: May 2001.