Banda Parish, Off Kinawataka Road Zone Two (acholi quarters) Meeting Point Street Plot 30, Kampala Uganda,

I am by the name of Betungula Denis a Ugandan male aged 20. I would like you to help me and get me a website for my small orphan organization which is called “ORPHANAGE CLUB BANDA”. So far l have got twenty one children whom am staying with, these kids need basic needs but we cannot manage due to much expenses here in Uganda. I started this small organization in 2008 and I started with five kids l got them from the streets of Kampala. These kids are under eight years all of them and the best thing they need in life is education which is our major challenge

We try to support our selves by forming small activities like rearing pigs which help us to get our small needs in future. These kids are not at school, because we don’t have money to take them to school, they are just studying at our place and we are the ones teaching them. We can teach them because at their age they don’t take much education. We stay with them in a certain house which we are renting at a cheap price, because the owner is our friend and he has got mercy. We get small donations from churches and these help us in small needs like buying them clothes and buying food for them everyday. We perform in these churches through doing some activities like singing, dancing and drama and that’s why we are able to get donations from them.

We are looking forward to see that we can help many up 100 and more children because many are still on the streets of Kampala. Let me tell you about these charitable organizations in Uganda they are many but many are just money consumers. I was in one of these charitable organization, they used to send us help but we couldn’t get anything the leaders were the ones taking the money, that’s why l decided to form this small organization for orphans because l know what it takes to be an orphan. My level of education is not much, l completed O level and that’s why l can teach these young kids, we contacted many organizations to help us but we got nothing from them and that’s why we decided to help ourselves.

You are welcome our dear loving friends all over the world to our web.

We help children of all ages from four years and above , most of them are ranging from four years up to eight years, this means , that they are young and they need much support . So far right now, we have more than twenty five children we are staying with at our centre, we are aiming to increase on the number of these children, if you offer us support in the upbringing of these children. They are many and we are trying to see that we create a wonderful atmosphere for them. We have other more than fifteen children outside who are staying with their relatives and they have not been able to be taken to school by their relatives and in that case they also need our support. These children are orphans and that’s where the name comes, we got them from streets, others were mistreated by their relatives and others were abandoned by their parents.

Some of these children in our club are HIV positive and we try much to seek medicine for these children, they were infected by their mothers during birth and need much love and support from us. Your help is much important because each child you help becomes part of you and never will you regret having helped. They are over 10,000+ children in Uganda who need help and support from us, but we lack help to offer support to these children in school fees, shelter, medicine , clothing’s and many more


(La raison pour tout ceci, est. ’a voir que ces enfants de’couvrent leurs vocations dans la vie).

Donate the little you have to save and change an orphan’s life, remember whatever you donate is counted and remembered always to us and to God

Please join us and participate, because together as one something is going to be achieved.

We have a telephone number +256392917896 but really we need your support.



Banda Parish, Off Kinawataka Road,

Zone Two (acholi quarters),

Meeting Point Street Plot 30,

Kampala Uganda


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Sent to internet: 5 May 2011.