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“Watoto Wa Africa” (“Children of Africa”) was founded in the year 2000 in Buswelu, Tanzania, by Josephat and Rosemary Kirutu. This loving couple was faced with the drastic effects of HIV and AIDS every day, as they saw their friends becoming ill or passing away. Josephat and Rosemary therefore decided to put together a home for all the children who were left without parents or a home to go to.

As the number of children orphaned by AIDS increases daily, other factors such as poor social services and a lack of children’s rights have also led to many abandoned children and kids fleeing their home. As these children strive to survive by living on the street, they become at risk of physical and sexual abuse, malnutrition or starvation, as well as fatal diseases.

Watoto Wa Africa works to provide these children with a chance for a strong future. At Watoto Wa Africa, children are provided with basic human rights, such as food, drinking water, shelter, clothing, education, and most importantly, love.

Child protection and development are Watoto Wa Africa’s main goals. In order to achieve these goals, an orphanage and a street children program has been developed and at the orphanage 108 children between the ages of 1 and 17 years are currently being supported here in Mwanza town which is on the shores of Lake Victoria.

The orphanage is run by Josephat and Rosemary with a small help from Kids Aid Tanzania, a UK based charity. The children live in a big compound that has 2 dormitories ( one for girls and one for boys ), a kitchen, a classroom, and a small house where Josephat’s family and three other families live and attend to the needs of the children.

The compound does not have both water and electricity. Water is collected daily from local wells for bathing, cleaning, cooking and drinking.

Starting from the age of 7, the children attend the local government primary schools. Five to six year olds also attend local private nurseries. Depending on the amount of sponsorship that is received , a few of the older children get to attend high school.

While primary schools only last a half a day, classes in Tanzanian schools can often have 150 to 200 pupils. Therefore, in order to encourage a strong educational background, one of the main focuses of Watoto Wa Africa’s is to provide supplementary education. Watoto Wa Africa is seeking also in this letter, to recruit international volunteers on regular basis in order to stay at the orphanage or a volunteer house to be rented and teach the children English and Mathematics,

The immediate needs of this project include:

:- School fess for 18 of the children at the orphanage who are in secondary schools,

$ 12510

:- Electricity installation

:- The construction of a girls dormitory to separate the girls from the present compound

as it is becoming too difficult to have both boys and girls at the same compound

:- A small farming project, which will allow self-production for the orphanage’s food.

:- A running Water system

:- Drinking Water Access.

:- Construction of sanitary facilities ( washrooms and showers )

:- Administrative training for the organizers.

:- A land rover 4X4 car to help us in taking the kids to hospitals and other errands that we


:- A 30 seat Costar or Hino Mini- bus to help in taking the children to schools and

transport going to church and sporting days.

Thanking you

Josephat Kirutu

Director/ Watoto Wa Africa Organization

Buswelu Village, Ilemela District in Mwanza Tanzania.
Watoto Wa Africa Orphanage
P.O. Box 11349,
Mwanza, Tanzania.

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