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Address: 15 Mathanko Street, Makeni, Sierra Leone

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Time of establishment: 15th January 2000

A home mother managed the home with three mummies .All of these four personnel are female and widows as well.  They have been well experience caregivers in taking care of their families and other children.


  1. Children Assistance Programme

  2. Water and Sanitation, Health Initiative

  3. Education Program

4. Community Development

Children Needs


Wondering through the streets of Makeni the provincial Headquarters of Bombali Districts, it is hard to imagine that the restless, vibrate city was once a bloody battle ground.

Just ten years have passed since the end of the conflict that saw our country reported around the world, branding it as the land of blood diamonds and drugged-up child soldiers. A relatively peaceful decade has passed but-in one way at least- the business of war is yet finished more especially with regards taking care of these kids used in the war as child soldiers and these kids who have either lost both parents in the war or have single parents who can hardly take care of them.

Even thou, the war did not start in Makeni but, this once beautiful city recorded the highest crime rate perpetrated by rebels on women and children. Just ten years after the war, most of these children are still finding it difficult to fit into the society because of the social stigma, as most of the kids were used as child soldiers during the war. When you walk the streets of Makeni, the headquarter town of Bombali Districts most of these children are still plying the streets of Makeni because most of the (the children) had either hope or hardly provide themselves the basic necessities o life i.e. food, Shelter and clothing. We spent sometime in Makeni, doing voluntary service to most of these kids, by providing them the basic needs of man and more importantly helping them with schooling and school materials in order to contribute to the human resources of this country.

We decided to help these kids by transforming their life’s to better and responsible citizens by establishing a non-governmental organization in Makeni where most of these kids live. Since, the establishment of this program (children Shade International). We have been single handedly taking care of these children with resources, we have been able to put together and has been helping these children for the past eleven years. It is our believe that children are the future leaders so, we should all within our reach try to help these kids to achieve their dreams and turn them into useful citizens of this country.

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