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Motto: Caring For Orphans – James 1:27

About CMFO

Christian Mission Foster Homes for Orphans (CMFO) is a non-governmental, non - political and non - profit making venture set up purposely to help in alleviating the suffering of war - affected children such as orphans, abandoned and distressed street children, and children of both Lunatic & amputated parents.

"CMFO" was founded on the 5th of April 1999 as a result of the carnage and mayhem perpetrated against poor and innocent children in January 6, 1999. This date was recorded for its horrible events just as September 11, 2001 in America.


In Sierra Leone, the ten (10) years bloody civil war has left thousands of children orphaned, abandoned, handicapped, unaccompanied, displaced or in refugees. Many of these children are on the streets been used as sex trade and victims of various forms of abuse to earn their living.

Child abuse has reached epidemic proportions in our country. During the war, many of these children were adopted and giving drugs and used as child soldiers. The war is now over but suffering continues for these children and special preference to girls. Most of our children are not going to school.

They are living in poor health conditions because of lack of adequate food, no good clothing and poor shelter. Their parents or guardians cannot afford the amount of money needed to pay school fees. They are either unemployed or too old to work.


  1. To heal vulnerable children from stress and traumatic experiences through counseling and rehabilitation exercises.

  2. To alleviate the suffering of orphans and vulnerable children by advocating and soliciting support geared towards improving their status or living conditions.

  3. To ensure the physical well being and protection of orphans and vulnerable children by providing them an interims care accommodation, with counseling and rehabilitation as means of trauma healing until they are reunified with their families.

  4. To empower children and youths to become se lf reliant and sustainable individuals though formal and vocational education.


  1. Provide education support to registered orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) from primary to high school level.

  2. Recruit orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) in to an interim care orphanage center.

  3. Embark on counseling and rehabilitating the rescued children and prepare them for reintegration and reunification after tracing their biological and or non biological families.

  4. Embarking advocacy and child rights on sensitization campaign through radio and other media campaign strategies.

  5. To rent a building that will be used as an interim care center until we have our own building


Our vision is to advocate, protect and see that the welfare and well-being of orphans and vulnerable children are address. As children, they should not be abused, abducted into arm conflicts and their rights must and should not be violated. Instead, love and compassion is what they deserve.  children need peace, love and care.


The mission of CMFO is to rescue and rehabilitate less privilege orphans and vulnerable children in our society. We want such children empowered through educational support so as to make them self reliant and hopeful individuals in society.

Target Beneficiaries

The target beneficiaries are: Orphans, abandon, Neglected, street children, children of amputee parents, disable children and children of very poor people.

Activities Done

  1. We have been running an orphanage from 2003 to 2008. We stop operating for lack of funds or funding. Almost all the children we kept in the orphage were reunified with their families.

  2. We partnered with carpentry, tailoring and soaping making groups were we sent well over 50 youths to be trained today, and many of them are now able to take care of themselves through the various skills they have learnt. Thank God for that. Thanks for those who rendered the support in the part.

  3. From 2004 to present, we open and operated a primary school from classes I to VI for orphans and vulnerable children in Bengnema Village community. We have an enrollment of well over 200 children whose parents cannot afford sending children to expensive schools.

  4. We have been embarking on educational sponsorship drives since 2003 to present. Children who would not have been opportune to go to school through our effort with the help of well meaning good will people, so many children have completed high school and some are presently trying to complete high school. Some are currently in primary school and junior high school.

  5. Since 2000, we have been engaging on preaching, teaching the word of God (The Bible) to children, youths and adults. We organize revival, seminars and other soul winning evangelism activities. We have seen the lines of many people including children renewed and transformed by the word of God through faith in Jesus.

Present Constrains

At present, the following are our current problems:

  1. We have a land for infrastructural purposes but we lack funds or funding to continue our operations and construct the school, vocational skills training and interim care center for the development of the children.

  2. The nursery and primary school is almost free but the problem is that we do not have funds to pay teachers and other school staff. They only receive stipens. Imagine in a situation where the head teacher, deputy and the education secretary are receiving $25 each month. While the other teachers receives $15 per month. It is really because of love, but considering the high cost of living in our country, that amount means nothing. They have their family members to look after and support every now and then as authority of the school there is so much stress and trouble.

  3. The schools currently have one hall two classrooms permanent structure and four classrooms is only a temporal structure. There is also the problem of school furniture’s. there is no playing facilities and no opportunity to give the children computer training since we do not have computers and computer lab


q You will definitely touch the life of a child from the poorest of the poor in a war torn country.

q You offer a child the opportunity to go to school and be prepared for his or her future like: daily assurance of food, good clothing, school supplies such as, uniforms, shoes, sockets and sweaters, books, school bags, lunch.

q You offer a child or children medical health care in case of sickness.

q You will start and establish a loving relationship with a child of your choice

q Your child or children will be told about God's love and having enjoyed that love, they will in turn one day show love to others.

q You will establish a "LOVE- LINK" with a child that will enrich your own life and family when you receive up dates from the coordinator and see the picture(s) of your child or children you support, then you will know that you are making a difference.


This is very simple. Simply write the program coordinator, tell him you are interested in sponsoring a child or children. State the amount you want to be donating for your children or child.


+ $20 + $ 25 + $30


+ $100 + $120 + $ 150

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1. To construct an Orphanage Institution Center that will house vulnerable children on interim care basis and after rehabilitating them, reunify and re-integrate them with their families.

2 To establish a vocational training center for skills training .


q Celebrating the day of the African Child (16th June)

q Awards to children for excellence (September)

q Thanksgiving Service (5th April)

Children day Camp (once every year)

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Wellington, Freetown

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