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This centre was established since 1997 through the help of a representatives of sufaid in nigeria here. together with some good Nigerian Christian from many religious groups. There aim of establishing this centre is to help the orphans children destitute in this centre.(U.C.O.C) And this centre is a non government organization but a voluntary and autonomy centre. But because of the hardship in Nigeria here , this children have suffer naked and from daily foods .

We sincerely appealing to you and all the churches all over to help send there financial support to this children Because it will enable the lives of this children gose on .
Please kindly help this little ones .
May GOD bless you as you support ACTS 20vs 35.

So this centre have agreed to receive all the financial support through western union transfer.
If you support send all the money through our financial secretary .


PHONE 08060134549

SINGNED on be half of (U,C.O.C.) centre.




Sponsoring a child in this centre is needed

Who sponsors a child at the centre? Lots of Christians do! We have brothers and sisters from California, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Kansas, Missouri, and lots of other states too.

What does the sponsor money go for? Sponsor money is used to supplement the funds from the orphanage homes in this centre.

Sponsoring a child in this centre . Please help them.

How much does it cost? It varies. We have some sponsors that contribute $10/month and others that contribute $30 a month and still others that contribute somewhere in between. The amount is really secondary and it’s your choice. Deductions are fully tax deductible. The centre's address is given at the end.

What else is required? Nothing really, but we do strongly encourage communication between the sponsor and the child. We believe it is important that the child sees the sponsor not as a Santa Claus, but as someone interested in their entire person, spiritual and physical.

Sponsoring a child in this destitute centre in Nigeria will help these children

Do sponsors ever visit their children or do extra things for them? Some do and some don’t. We do encourage sponsors to write and visit their children when possible. It really helps foster a bond that we hope will last a lifetime. Some sponsors also send birthday and Christmas cards and gifts, but again, we don’t want to turn this into a Santa Claus program. The children need to value their sponsor as a person.

This sister from united state from one church come to visit this home center.

How do I choose a child? Just go through the next several pages on this slide show and pick one or two you might be interested in. Because the eligible children change frequently, you will need to email (all contact info is on the last page of this slide show) and make sure no one else has already sponsored the child you picked. If that happens, don’t be disappointed. We can always find more!

Sponsoring a child in this center will help them send your support.

The first group of slides are all children who live at the orphanage. All of their basic needs: food, shelter, medical, school, books, and some clothes are met by the orphanage through the church in Ada. What you will be helping them with are the extras and some special things that the orphanage can’t supply right now. You will also be helping to build a little nest egg for them for when they leave.


This is Youseline Richmond. She will be 23 in December, 2009. She has finished all her schooling and has graduated.

Youseline came to us when she was 5 and has lived here ever since. She originally came from the close by Camp Louise area.

Youseline lives in the transition house, the place for the older kids. Youseline wants to help people and to go to nursing school and she is qualified to go, except that she needs someone or some folks to help her. It would cost about $3000/year to put her in nursing school and right now she only has commitments for $360/year.

We know $3000 a year for 4 years is a lot to ask but asking is the only way she will get funded. Thanks so much!

Sponsoring a child at this center

The second group of following are all children who don’t live at the orphanage.

Bob, our youth minister, teaches English, does the morning devotionals at the orphanage school, and also teaches Bible and English at the church school. As such, he has had the blessings of getting to know some of the 300+ children from outside the orphanage that go to our 2 schools. The need is tremendous all over Haiti, and Bob has helped some of the children who whose family can’t afford to fully support them. In this way, the orphanage can be a real blessing to the community. These children have needs just like the orphanage children.

Dotie and Junior Francois

Dotie and older brother Junior both go to our school here. Junior was the first one that Bob started to helped last year. Dotie is 13 and Junior is 15.

Their mom is dead and they and their father live with other family. Their dad is a mason, but has a very hard time finding steady work in the Haitian economy. This year (2008) they needed help with school books and clothes. They always need help with food.

Rodlin and Rodline Silvest

Rodlin and Rodline came to us through Bob’s work in the orphanage school. Rodlin is 11 and in the 2nd grade while Rodline is 12 and in the 5th grade.

They share their home with Junior and Dotie Francois (see other slide) and their dad. It helps to keep expenses down. Their dad has no job but their mom sells stuff in the market. This year, we had to help them with lots of school stuff, clothes, and always food.

Jeffly George (Cowboy)

Cowboy is 11 years old and in the 2nd grade. He came to us through the orphanage school.

His mom has been dead for some time now. His father has no job and apparently no trade either.

This year, we had to pay for much of his school, books, and clothes. He always needs food. Sponsorship would help in these expenses.

Emmanuel (Manno) Calixte

Manno is 12 years old and in the 5th grade at our school. That is how Bob knows him.

His dad can’t find any work and his mom sells matches. Yea, that’s it, she sells matches!

Both his mom and dad are Baptists, but he is coming to the Church of Christ for worship.

Manno needs help with clothes, shoes, food and school.


Brij came to us from the church. He is 17 and an orphan, but he is too old to come into the orphanage. Still, he is going to school and needs help.

We got him a Christian home to stay in, but he still needs help with school and food.

Update December 10, 2008: Brij was baptized today!


Meesh is 13 and in the 4th grade here at the orphanage school. He came to us because his dad died last year and his mom can’t afford to feed the family. We can’t house him because he does have a family, albeit a poor one.

Meesh is a quiet and sensitive kid but there is a fun side to him too. Bob reports that he is very appreciative whenever he is fed.

Meesh needs help with school, clothes, shoes, and food.

Landra and Manou

Landra and Manou are 2 sisters, 18 they are orphanage. Homes, seeking for your help


Linda is a 13 year old orphan living in

this center she need your support,

Nancy’s Boys

These boys need your help and support,

It will enable them grow.

Josuè Dèlizard (Janet’ son)

As indicated by the title, Josuè is Janet’s son.

Janet worked for Ron and Dianna for many years.

Now that Ron and Dianna are no longer here and employing Janet, Josuè needs help with his school.

He is 15 and in the 10th grade. He needs help will all facets of school,

tuition, books, and uniform.

Sponsoring a children in Africa in Nigeria


You can also come and see them down here.

Contact Info for children in this center






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