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An Introduction                                                                                23.01.2001

On the 26.12.1999, I was opportuned to meet Mrs.Rosemary Oganyi and her children for the first time. I was deeply impressed with her courage and determination to see the children under her care through all obstacles…and there are quite many around in this country, ranging from indifference on the part of the authorities up to open malice coming from few individuals, from dearth of funds to the seeming impossibility to get help when mostly needed.

We learnt a lot from each other, by trying to interact and understand. But at all times, there was this element of instant warmth and genuine trust, mutual respect and affection that guided us and gave us hope that our efforts will come to fruition.
For me, Mrs.Rosemary Oganyi is indeed a very strong-willed and principled woman, someone who gave up her flourishing business and secured existence for the vagaries and tribulations that seem to have been her daily occupation ever since she chose the stony path of taking care of these children.

Well, many meetings ensued and we were able to get so many friends involved, both from within and also from outside the country, in order to improve upon the condition of the Home and its inmates. It is indeed touching to note the spontaneity and warm-hearted support we received from far and near, mostly from friends, who would never set their eyes on the home or any its inmates, be it for reasons of time or distance.

This space may not be sufficient to name them all, but the overwhelming and whole-hearted support and every little progress achieved continued to encourage us and give us the degree of certainty that we will ultimately reach our goal. Admittedly, there had to be setbacks, like the passing away of little Amina of few weeks of age, who died of intestinal complications despite all efforts put into saving her young life.

We know of course that the struggle will be a continuous one, but we derive so much confidence that, with efforts of well-meaning friends from so many nations, beliefs and various backgrounds, it must indeed be a worthy cause we are fighting for.

I have always gathered so much happiness from staying with 'my' children and their lively Matron, that I truly regard them as my family, and would not want to miss them for anything.

In a world that seems to keep up the pursuit of material gains as its primary objective, one needs to be constantly reminded that everything we believe to possess is only given on temporary loan. Far beyond the empty vanities imposed by the philosophy of materialism devoid of a genuine raison d'etre, it is what we try to achieve for the real people in the real world that matters in the end.

It would be wished that Mrs.Rosemary Oganyi, for whom I feel deep respect and affection for her limitless strength and kind-heartedness, would one day be opportuned to give the full account of her herculean ordeals to the world. But despite all the odds, she has always emerged stronger and more determined to face the daily struggles in keeping her dream alive, a dream so simple and yet so encompassing and compelling.

I feel indeed privileged and proud to be associated with our little project, and want to enjoin our friends all over the world to sustain and nourish it from its humble beginnings to greater heights, in taking care and providing shelter for the less privileged among us. Looking at our bright and beautiful kids, one cannot but be convinced that a better future may indeed lie ahead.

Rainer Mutzberg

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