Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans.

P.O Box 6- 40211 Kenyenya,

Nyabioto Area, Kenyenya District, Kisii county, Nyanza province, Kenya { East Africa}

Some of the orphans at Nyabioto Junior school for orphans at school.

Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans:

Nyabioto Junior school for Orphans.{NJ} is a charity institution of learning. It is privately owned and managed. It is ran by funding from the owner and well wishers in donations for its day to day operations.

Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans has staff who voluntarily work in the institution to better the lives of the enrolled orphans.

At the last decade Kenya as community has suffered many loses of lives due to HIV AIDS related and other illness. Kenya has the third highest number of HIV/AIDS orphans in the world, estimated at 890,000.  
Kenya has a shockingly large number of HIV/AIDS victims.  Many mothers and fathers leave their young ones with neighbors or grandparents. This causes a heavy burden on the caretakers because of their limited ability to care for an additional child. More than 1000 people die daily due to HIV/AIDS in Kenya, this doesn't include the number of deaths caused by Malaria, accidents, tribal (ethnic) wars and other diseases.  Statistically, the number of orphans is growing, in Kenya, and Africa as a whole.

Most of the caretakers don’t have enough resources for an integrated care to the orphans, this is why Ibrahim NJsigisi - founder of Nyabioto Junior school for orphans came up with an opportunity to grant some of this orphans an educational opportunity. This way he started the school in the year 2008 with 23 children at that time.

Mr Mosigisi Ibrahim – Founder and director Nyabioto Junior school for orphans.

General view of Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans.

Set up.

Today the institution has attained full registration status, with an adequate staff, sufficient structures and has since prepared pupils who have sat for their primary school examinations. The enrolled orphans have beaten the overwhelming challenges back in their homes / residences and performed well to place the institution on the top performing schools in the region. It has more than 156 orphans among whom 83 are boys, enrolled in various classes / levels currently.

Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans.{NJ} is not incorporated along or in affiliation with any other institution or organization yet.

Children at outside the Kitchen structure at Nyabioto Junior school for orphans.

Our Mission

Nyabioto Junior school for Orphans.(NJ) is dedicated to the education of orphans and to empower them into self sufficient persons in future.

Helping to educate orphans through providing tuition fees and essential supplies.

As NJ shall prayerfully commit :-

Set up Challenges.

Nyabioto Junior school for orphans has a few challenges in its day to day running.

Some of this include:

Future plans.

Some of our teaching staff members.


We warmly with much anticipation welcome all in supporting this school as it is very necessary for the orphans to have a safe place to learn and get care. Education in the only avenue that can develop and advance the general community .You are welcome to participate as an effort team, collaborators, volunteers , sponsors and well wishers. In this way you are integral part of assisting these children.

Young pupils in classes One to Three.

Volunteers and volunteer teams.

We warmly welcome volunteers from all over the world with various skills including teachers, technical professionals, humanitarian servants and many more. We can accommodate volunteers, who eat with us and reside with us close to the school. Interested members can get in touch with Ibrahim Mosigisi who can also organize for a local trip to the Masaai Mara game reserve a bout 35 kilometers away, during the guests visit.

Set Up Details Summary


Type of Area : Rural set up.
Geography : Highlands
Climate : Tropical
Accessibility : By Road.
Political Structure : Democratic
Vehicles Available : Hire basis


School Name :Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans.
Distance to School : Varies between 3 – 6 Miles
Subject Taught : Math, Religious Education, Science, Grammer, Physical Education
Tutor Available : 8 Teachers


Property Size : 33 m x 33 m
Playground : Within the compound
Security : Safe

Spiritual Life

Devotions : They have devotions and Bible studies.
Baptism Trip : Some are in baptism class.


Year Built : 2005
Building Type : Semi permanent
Kitchen : Outside, Temporary
Condition : Good.
Last Renovation : On going

Daily Life

Typical Diet : Maize meal, Rice, Beans
Favorite Games : Football and net ball
Chores :None


Electricity : Not available.
Gas : None
Phone : Cellular

Fuel : Fire Wood { wood fuel}

Medical & Dental

Frequency of Medical Care : Once affected.
Frequency of Dental Care : No Regular Dental (no dentist)
Issues : Malaria , skin infections and cough

Water & Sanitation

Water Source : Running River , spring well
Purification System : Open fire Boiling
Septic : Pit latrines

Economic Activities

Vocational Training : None
Computer Access : Cyber café 5 miles away.

The current kitchen building.

Some of the classes four to eight pupils.

Contact Person: Mr. Ibrahim Mosigisi


Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans.

P.O Box 6 – 40211 Kenyenya , Tell: 0712 940 623,

Nyabioto Area, Gucha District, Kisii County,

Nyanza Province, Kenya.

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