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Poverty in the Narok District of Kenya is widespread and is due to very limited job opportunities, poor education and low school retention, Maasai culture (where a good percentage of men spend their early adult life as warriors in the forest), alcohol/drug abuse, inadequate infrastructure, wildlife/human conflict, limited natural resources, etc. The District has also been severely affected by HIV/AIDS. Furthermore, Narok experienced significant disruption during the 2007 elections. All of the above phenomena have resulted in a significant number of orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. Nissi began to operate since 2006 and is a registered organization.

The Orphanage

Nissi orphanage was created as a safe haven for destitute children. The orphanage cares for 55 children, 25 of whom were orphaned due to HIV/AIDS (10 are HIV+), 4 were abandoned on the streets and 26 were displaced during the 2007 post-election violence. Of the total:

Sleeping room

The Nissi Orphange is located in simple rented facilities in Narok town. The orphanage serves the entire community and accepts children from all tribes and faiths. Nissi cooperates and collaborates with other groups in the community that are addressing the needs of vulnerable children.

Two abandoned children found

Nissi is the only orphanage in the area. Except for its own income generating efforts (notably farming), it survives, almost exclusively, on small contributions from a few benefactors in the community. However, due to the worsening economy some of this support is no longer available. Government assistance is limited to providing free ARVs to HIV+ orphans. With such meager levels of assistance, only the very basic needs of the children can be met (eg: children sleep on shared mattresses on dirt floors).

Nissi is run by 2 directors and a 5-member Board. Among the board members, we have a doctor, an accountant and a graduate teacher. We meet weekly to discuss programs and to make decisions. Nissi also operates a pre-school and primary school with the help of 8 volunteer teachers. The school has attracted 45 more vulnerable children from out side. Four volunteer caregivers support the orphans and work at the Centre’s kitchen. The school and the living quarters are on opposite sides of Narok.

Nissi Orphanage Needs:

Incase we would get sponsors, the following below needs would be met;

Sustainable projects:

A} Farming. Already we are doing small scale farming in beans and maize to avail food for the orphans. We request for donation to do large scale farming in wheat to assist in income generating to the orphanage.

Vegetable Garden


B} Poultry. Already we are raising a stock of 150 birds{layers}. By the end of this month we expect them to begin laying eggs. We request for a donation to enable us raise broilers as there is ready market for chicken meat. This will assist in quick income generating.

Feeding the children

C} Guest house and curio shop. Our request is to get donors who would donate to such sustainable project. As you know, Narok where our orphanage is situated, it is a tourist place. So tourists will be dropping for shopping and get accommodation as well. Likewise, as wheat is cultivated in intensively, there is always high demand of guest houses.

Banking information

Bank Name--------------Barclays

Account Name-----------Nissi Orphanage

Account Number----------1093530

Branch code ---------------041

Swift code ------------------BARCKENX

Bank address--------------Barclays Bank of Kenya Limited. P.o Box 1073 Narok20500.

Contact Information:

Contact person: Johnson Nyabwogi


Address: Olpopong Street No: 46

P.O Box 258 Narok20500

Mobile Number: +254 724 174 094

Country: KENYA

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