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Home of Hope Children’s Centre (HHCC) is a non-profit making, non-political, non-governmental Christian organization founded by madam Sophia Tei. HHCC has witnessed the successful rehabilitation of many abandoned children and traumatised children over the last 3 years. At the moment the home cares for 50 children between the ages of 1 week to 10 years, both boys and girls.

Imagine a Malindi where every child has the opportunity to develop their full potential.  This is our dream for Malindi.  And we're making it possible, one child at a time.

Join our family and help us achieve our dream of a brighter future for Malindi's children.  Together, we'll develop a new generation of leaders that will impact Africa.  We have seen change and we will continue to see change. Be part of the change!


HOME OF HOPE CHILDREN’S CENTRE was founded in 2008 by Madam Sophia. HHCC is a non-profit making, non-political, non-governmental, Christian rehabilitation organization, a charity designed to help and educate disabled, orphans, vulnerable, abandoned, abused, desperate and neglected children regardless of their religion, sex, colour or tribe, who have nowhere to call home and no one to care for them. HHCC seeks out, rescues and rehabilitates these children for behaviour formation and transformation and provides a family environment where they can reform and get the necessary skills in order to be independent and valuable contributors to the communities and largely the country’s economic development.

Home of Hope Children’;s Centre is under the umbrella of Hope Self Help Poject (HSHP) which is duly registered with the ministry of Gender, Children and Social Development. The Project was founded by Madam Sophia HSHP functional Mission and Vision is to reach out, rescue, rehabilitate, protect, and care for the less fortunate and vulnerable children in the community. Each Year Home of Hope Children’s Centre becomes a home and hope to street children, orphans, abandoned, abused, HIV & AIDS affected and infected, desperate and neglected children regardless of their religion, sex, colour or tribe, who have nowhere to call home and no one to care for them.

For the last 3 years, Hope Self Help Project has grown to be one of the children’s rescuers, rehabilitation and development organization in Malindi today, and intends to set up sustainable, agricultural and environmental as well as supporting community development initiatives through assistance from well wishers and collaborative partners. Home of Hope has been delivering the liberating good news of hope and services to the vulnerable children and the community, setting them free from the stain and pain of their past and building self reliant, independent, well behaved boys and girls in both MALINDI and the Coast Region.


The thought of saving MALINDI YOUTH is what motivated the founder, MADAM SOPHIA TEI to resign from her employment as a banker to fight teenage drug abuse, child sex, HIV/ AIDS and girl child prostitution.

As a child Sophia experienced firsthand the pain of economic deprivation and the hardships of a poverty stricken family. After overcoming many obstacles in life, she now believes, by the help of GOD and through the living hands of others, every individual can move from the status of ordinary to the level of extra ordinary simply by doing everything they can to help save MALINDI’s most valuable resource, our children. Although she believes such efforts are worthy of the highest commendation, she says no commendation can ever equal or exceed the joy of knowing your efforts have helped save a child’s life’.

We must become involved in the character development of our children because every child has a right to good life.

MAMA SOPHIA – DIRECTOR OF HOME OF HOPE CHILDREN’S CENTRE after a seminar on children issues.

This was the birth of HHCC. SOPHIA shared her new calling with her family who agreed to support her in Prayer and practice. She embarked on selling all her property including resigning from the bank and channelled all her resources into caring for the street children, orphaned, abandoned and neglected. From that year, January 2008, there have been no regrets or looking back.


HSHP mainly targets the following groups to provide rescue and rehabilitation:

Street children
Orphaned children
Abandoned children
Children from juvenile remand homes and government rehabilitation centers.
Child labourers
Children with physical disabilities
Destitute children and mothers
Child mothers
Ex-Commercial sex workers
HIV/AIDS infected and affected children

Additionally, Hope Self Help Project conducts activities aimed to upgrade the living conditions of widows living in the outskirts of Malindi District.

To see the children, young people and the marginalized members of our society access justice, social and economic empowerment, and lead a decent and dignified livelihood.

To develop a variety of unique products to heal (and save) our hurting children through assisting and working with the poor, displaced, orphaned, street children and the oppressed in Malindi through rescue, rehabilitation, capacity building, access to education and training, nutritional and medical care, parental love, psychosocial support and spiritual care.


  1. Expression of Christian love for the poor and marginalized communities

  2. Build a strong sense of integrity, honesty, accountability and transparency

  3. Provide an atmosphere conducive for creativity, initiative, professionalism and hard work

  4. Promotion of respect for the rights of women and children

  5. Commitment to serve and promote children and youth welfare

  6. Encourage active and meaningful participation of the children among other target groups

  7. Courage of conviction


  1. To provide physiological needs to the rescued street and destitute children including food, shelter, clothing, medical care, formal and informal education and parental love

  2. To offer vocational training in various skills including carpentry, metal work, motor Mechanics, agriculture, cloth designing and tailoring, elementary home economics in cookery, computer studies and child care.

  3. To offer the children spiritual nourishment, counselling, guidance and Christian teaching.

  4. To initiate, implement and manage sustainability development projects for income generation and to reduce donor dependence.

  5. To support community development initiatives through partnerships to provide sustainable safety nets for transitioned (from HAHP) and vulnerable children in the community.

  6. To rehabilitate the children morally through character/ behaviour transformation with a view of reuniting them with their respective families besides ensuring a structured transition system for those who have no parents to enable them adjust and articulate themselves comfortably within society and the economy.

  7. To mainstream HIV/AIDS education in programs implementation targeting rescued children, employees and the general community.


  1. Over 50 children have benefited from our services and are well integrated into society.

  2. Both our pre primary and primary school initiative continue to offer quality education to the rescued children.

  3. Excellence in co-curricular activities.

  4. Madam Sophia Tei is recognised well in malindi for her exemplary work in humanitarian and Christian service to the less fortunate people in the malindi.


Our Head Office
Hope Self Help Project

The Street is

P.O.Box 5938-80200
Malindi, Kenya…….

+254 720 871170
+254 729 163336
+254 721 379387………..


We are pleased to be associated with friends and well wishers, churches/mosques and organizations who have generously contributed towards HSHP running costs. Please, your friendship, partnership and giving into this worthy cause is highly appreciated. We invite you to be our friend and partner.

Your support in material and in kind will be highly appreciated. You can be involved in Hope Self Help Project ministry through the following ways:

HSHP greatly appreciates the work done by the different volunteers who come to offer their free expertise and services. We would like to recognize the services of several teachers and medical practitioners consisting of paediatricians, dentists, optometrists, gynaecologists, family doctors, pharmacists and nurses from different places.
They voluntarily attend to sick children and people from both HSHP and the surrounding communities.
We also invite volunteer trainers in music and art and other talent nurtures. We look forward to having more volunteer teams come to HSHP throughout the years.

HSHP appreciates the services by interns in different fields. Donations and sponsorships may be in form of:
a) Gifts in kind                                      
b) Children’s clothing
c) Child sponsorship

d) Building and development
e) School equipment/books
f) Medicine and medical care
g) Feeding program
h) Maintenance
i) School Sponsorship


  1. Rescue and rehabilitation

  2. Education and training

  3. Sports and co curricular

  4. Sustainable projects

  5. Spiritual development

  6. Community development


  1. child sponsorship

  2. Administration fund

  3. Projects

  4. Family fund

  5. Classroom

  6. Fridges

  7. Bunk beds

  8. Team travel

  9. School partners

  10. Computers


GOD BLESS YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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