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Fig.I; group photo, children and well-wishers delivering cereals and cooking materials


Emmanuel Children’s Home was started as a home-based care in 2004 and officially registered in 2011 with Government of Kenya Reg.No. EMMANUEL CHILDREN's HOME PROJECT CERTIFICATE.NO.194984.

Emmanuel Children’s Home Is a community based organization and initiative created in 2004 as a result of the overwhelming population of orphans orphaned by either natural causes of parent’s death or death due to HIV-Aids scourge. The emergence of juvenile delinquency among the (OVC’s) in Migori County also prompted the creation of Emmanuel Children’s Home.

A total of fifty (50) children based in different homes within the community were registered by their Guardians. Orphans living in utmost poverty, abandoned children, destitute, neglected children, victims of cruelty, physical, psychological and sexually abused are carefully selected and admitted to The Emmanuel Children’s Home under the custody of immediate guardians.

Emmanuel Children’s Home honors and respects children’s rights as outlined under Child Welfare Society of Kenya, UNICEF, and other Children’s right Conventions. It was established in 2004 and implements the programs aimed at protection and promotion of children’s rights in Migori County and Kenya at large.

Emmanuel Children’s Home caters for children in especially difficult circumstances from Migori County and its environs.

These include :

  1. The abandoned

  2. Orphans

  3. Destitute

  4. Victims of cruelty,

  5. Neglect and those abused  physically, psychologically and sexually

  6. Those unwanted by their biological parents among others.


The vision of Emmanuel Children's Home is that the children and families whose lives we touch with care will realize their potential and experience brighter tomorrows, in part due to the caring, nurturing and learning atmosphere of The Emmanuel Children's Home.


The mission of Emmanuel Children’s Home is to provide shelter, food, clothing, education, medical attention and other life-changing necessities to children in desperate or abusive situations. We strive to break the cycle of poverty, abuse and ignorance and help children to become positive, productive and self-fulfilled members of society with opportunity and hope for the future.


Touching Lives With Care


The main objectives of the children’s Home are :



Since its inception, Emmanuel Children’s Home (ECC) has achieved a lot in it’s Endeavour to provide the best to help change life and give hope to less fortunate children in Migori County and its environs

 A total of 50 children drawn from poor families, orphans, abandoned, Destitute, Victims of cruelty, neglect and those abused ; physically, psychologically and sexually. Those unwanted by their biological parents among others were admitted in 2004.

Admission were sought in different stages of Essential Primary Education forming the Backbone of their future with a total of 30 pupils joining primary education.

The children progressively moved from lower to upper primary school thereafter some qualifying for the Secondary Schools.

In 2010, a total (5) five children graduated from Form Four of their Secondary Education, in part four Boys and 1 girl sat for their Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education.

A total of 4 students joined Institutions of Higher Education as follows;

Student Name Institution

Lorraine Anyona Moi University

Evans Odhiambo Nakuru Teachers’ Training College

Lencer Atieno Kakamega Medical Training College

Godfrey Odongo University of Nairobi


Area of operation

1) The area of operation of this organization shall be

  1. Child welfare

  2. Health promotion,

  3. Outreach program

  4. Education


(ECC) engages the children in church activities like regular church attendance, Bible studies, choir, Recitation of memory verses, ministering to other youths and children.

Every Friday evening, children gather and share testimonies on how God has changed their lives bringing conviction and dedication.

This enhances both individual, group spiritual development and growth

By the help of government funding through educational funds, bursaries, friends, individual contributions, charities, children obtain funding for their basic education from different institutions.

The Steering committee of (ECC) seeks admission to schools for the varying stages of primary, secondary and university levels of individual child. Continuous supervision and couching toward individual and group children school performance is done by the technical assistance of qualified professional teachers.

Provision of learning environment, books, pens, essential learning apparatus help give the children potential to prosper and excel in their educational endeavors.

Provision of food, water, electricity, shelter, security maintains physical and mental growth .

By the help of well-wishers, friends , charities, church contributions, International Aid Agencies e.g International Red Cross (IRC) personal sacrifice and contribution etc, ECC help facilitate the provision , cooking and distribution of food ensuring each child obtains the basic need of food for sustainability and growth. Overall, food, water bills, electricity bills poses a big challenge to the management of ECC following reducing financial strength prompted by steady flow of children into Emmanuel Children’s Home.

It is our joy when a child grow physically and mentally fit.

ECC encourages involvement in sporting and games activities e.g football, netball, handball, scrabbles, athletics, science congress. Music festivals etc helping children identify their talents and potentials in life for individual growth and prosperity within the center and the institutions where they learn.

Watching Educative Television programs help the children remain aware of their world and people in other ends of the world projecting their vision of life to a hopeful future.


ECC employs observatory and communicative skills to help identify children who may feel unwell and health attention is immediately sought from the health facilities.

Common illnesses experienced by ECC is the deadly killer disease in Africa’’ malaria’’

Many others cases of pneumonia are also reported in some months of the year.

In such instances, personal contribution, well-wishers, Bill waive help ECC mitigate the prevailing circumstances.

Provision of mosquito nets, health education to the children help reduce malaria transmission.

Health in its entirety remains a big challenge to ECC especially clinical isolation, diagnostics and treatment of children who fall sick.

Nutritional Enrichment

ECC has a small farm husbandry keeping chicken for eggs, maize (corns), vegetables, fruits , potatoes etc. The children are involved in daily irrigation of vegetables, feeding of chicken on a rotational basis helping them grow up responsible adults as they enrich themselves nutritionally from the farm produce.


Out of determination, self denial, sacrifice, offering, volunteering ECC contributes individually toward the upkeep of the children.

The surrounding community is actively involved with ECC, providing voluntary cooking services, individual contribution of cereals and other farm produce to aid in feeding of the children.

It also engages friends and well-wishers offering outreach programs and constant contact to help participate in meeting the objective of caring, nurturing and up-bringing.

Goals are met through programs engaging Charitable organizations, government agencies, NGO’s offering sponsorships such as medical and nutritional relief
, educational programs. These programs provide children with the opportunity to develop self-worth, educational success, and solid economic potential to rescue children that have been abused, abandoned, orphaned, neglected or are in extreme poverty.

 However on the process of trying to improve the welfare of the disadvantaged children, the home has been experiencing a few problems, which need intervention from well wishers.


ECC like other established institutions faces several challenges, among the challenges being:



  1. Duties and limitation of the administrator:

  1. To elect and or appoint Board committee.

  2. To hear and pass upon the reports of the board committee.

  3. To exercise final authority on all matters finally effecting the Center.

  4. To exercise all powers expressly provided by the organization law.

Board of committee members:

The business of the organization shall be administered by the board of committee of _3_members. Not less than (two) and not more than (five) members

Area of operation

1) The area of operation of this organization shall be

  1. Child welfare

  2. Health promotion,

  3. Outreach program

  4. Education


The board of Committee shall appoint the Administrator. No person shall be appointed to the position of Administrator unless he possesses the qualification and none of the disqualification here-in below enumerated:-

  1. He/she must be familiar with the business operation of the center/institution

  2. He must have experience in child welfare and community development or related fields.

  3. He/she must be honest and must have a deep sense of responsibility and compassion for the children.

  4. He/she must not be engaged directly or indirectly in any business similar to that handled by the center/institution.

  5. He/she must not have been convicted of any administration or criminal case involving moral aptitude, gross negligence or gross misconduct in the performance of his/her duties.

  6. He/she must not be addicted to any form of gambling or vicious habits.

  7. He/she must not be facing any administrative or oral criminal suit involving financial and or property accountabilities.

  8. He/she must be willing to undergo pre-service and or in-service training.


Missionary of Hope; ECC is affiliated to Missionary of Hope of Madagascar offering psycho-social and spiritual encouragement to the children and the steering committee helping them obtain a sense of belonging and self-worth.

RED CROSS SOCIETY OF KENYA: ECC is proud to be affiliated to The Red Cross Society of Kenya migori County office, helping in provision and distribution of Relief food to the needy.

Source of funds:-

  1. Contribution: From well wishers and communities (local and Diaspora)

  2. Proceeds from income generating activities (IGAs)

  3. Proceeds from the fundraising activities.

  4. Subsidies, grants and donations

  5. Other sources of funds as may be authorized by the board of committee.


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