Hope for the generation is a non-profit voluntary organization existed to  work  for community development through the participation of its own people with special emphasis on marginalized children, youth  and  women at grassroots level  in Ethiopia. The primary role of the organization is strengthening and empowering the communities to perceive their own problems/needs, and to solve them through collective action and participation.


The organization is established in September 16, 2001 by four  like  minded professionals such as psychologist, special need education, nurse and health & physical education professionals in order to strengthening community support systems to provide care and support to vulnerable children, youth and women who are orphaned, neglected, abused, underprivileged and vulnerable to nurtured the physical, emotional, social and spiritual development.


The organization Initially registered and licensed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Ministry of Justice. The organization has also re-licensed by the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian Charities and Societies Agency as an Ethiopian Residence with the charities and societies Proclamation No 621/2009 with certificate bearing number 1192.



Vision Statement:  The vision of the organization is to see  Healthy, Peaceful and Dignified Communities


Mission Statement: The mission of the organization is to improve the quality of life of vulnerable children, youth and women as well as the  marginalized people without discrimination through collective action and participation.


Goals: The goal of the organizing is  empowering communities to solve their own problems through collective actions and participation. Objectives




¨       To provide education, medical care, psycho-social support and substistances to the needy chidren.

¨       To improve the sexual and reproductive health and rights, including maternal health care, family planning TB, Hepatitis and HIV/AIDS services, of the poorest and most marginalized people.

¨       To create HIV/AIDS, STIs, TB and Hepatitis, awareness among target groups and community.

¨       To contribute to poverty reduction and improved vocational skills amongst vulneralbe youth and women to enhance the quality of life.

¨       To change the behavior of local drugs (chat, marjana, and alcohol) addicts through harm reduction and rehabilitate them to normal life and also to improve their quality of life by providing them basic counseling  services.

¨       To sensitize people about environmental concerns/ issues in the community.



Hope for the generation is blessed with a culture that values:  

Commitment: Hope for the generation expects to work with those who take pride in his/her work and who are ready to go extra miles. Commitment to Hope for the generation  refers to hard work, diligence and ability to work under minimum supervision.    

Integrity: Integrity is a critical value that requires all Hope for the generation  personnel to be responsible, ethical, honest, accountable and transparent in the performance of their duties. Integrity is about character and Hope for the generation expects all people to demonstrate high value personal integrity.

Empowerment:  Wherever possible we work with the local community to empower them to participate in the development and management of all supported projects

Training: We seek to teach and train the community to “bake bread so that they may bake bread for the rest of their lives.”

Discipleship: Disciplining is one of our primary principle activities.  In whatever service we provide, we are training others to take our place.

Team work: Team work to Hope for the generation  means that decisions are made in consultation; there is sharing of information, experiences and challenges, encouraging entrepreneurial activities, innovation, creativity and change for the better, with  an acknowledgement mindset that we cannot solve problems of poverty alone but only through team work and mutual partnerships.

 Confidentiality: The work that Hope for the generation  is involved in, demands the highest standards of confidentiality. All staff workers are expected to handle all information they receive with utmost integrity.

Financial: To be transparent in all matter associated with money providing a complete accountability for all resources received


Hope for the generation  is situated in Hawassa City Administration and Sidama Zone in  the great rift valley of Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional Government of Ethiopia. Hawassa is the head quarter of the Sidama zone as well the capital of the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region. Over 50 various nation nationalities made their home with their own traditions, languages, dress, dance, and culture.

Hawassa town is attaining a continuous growth; and daily attracting tourists and has opened its doors wide to investors. It is an attractive town that you can come in any of your interest and do what you wish. It is at a distance of 275km from Addis Ababa, founded on 1959. The town is built on the shores of Lake Hawassa and is overlooked by the majestic Mountain Tabor. Life in Hawassa starts at the fish market, as every morning the fishermen bring home the fresh catch, surrounded by the opportunistic birds of the lake. The area is known for being very rural life, friendly people, fresh air and beautiful landscapes.



·         Orphans and vulnerable children

·         People Living With HIV/AIDS

·         Vulnerable youth enrolled in school and communities

·         Teachers, Parent and teachers association, education board members

·         Leaders in Iddir members, Keble members, Local policy makers

·         Vulnerable women & girls

·         People with disabilities

·         Boys and girls living and working in street.

·         Media people






Hope for the generation believes that education is extremely important to improve the lives of orphans and children in need. Educating children is one of the best ways to offer them a better future. Education is a tool for breaking the cycle of poverty and empower future generations and assist whole families away from abject poverty.  We support their education by providing schooling support, continuously discussing their progress with teachers, and find responsible guardians to take them. We support vulenerable orphan and street children. We train teachers in child protection and raise parents’ awareness of the importance of educating their children and respecting their rights. We are committed to working in partnership with local organisations, government bodies and partner agencies to empower community members, providing a platform for active participation in the programme design and most importantly, providing a space for parents to become active agents in their children’s learning.



Hope for the generation  seek to empower local communities as active agents in the delivery of healthcare services and since the establishment have reached out to the most vulnerable, including communities with low levels of health awareness, low nutritional status, those surviving in deplorable living conditions and thousands of communities experiencing a severe lack of clean water and sanitation facilities. The communities we work with have been accustomed to experiencing, high infant and maternal mortality rates; poor hygiene;  low income levels; and  poor knowledge of existing healthcare facilities and schemes.


HIV/AIDS Prevention & Adolescents and Reproductive Health Care


Young people in Ethiopia are at risk from abroad range of health problems. Sexual and reproductive health behaviors are among the main causes of death, disability and disease among young people. They are at particular risk for unwanted pregnancy and pregnancy related complications, STIs and HIV/AIDS. Other significant problems include: physical and psychological trauma resulting from sexual abuse, gender-based violence and other forms of physical violence and accidents. The youth are vulnerable to these problems because they often venture into sex unprepared; have sex with multiple partners; engage in alcohol and drug abuse that impairs judgment; have limited awareness of STI prevention; lack skills to negotiate safer sex; and have poor health-seeking behavior.


Orphans and Street Children Care and Support

With the empty promise of a better life in towns of the urban, many children leave their villages, their families and their parents behind to seek out better lives in the towns. Increased rural to urban migration means the number of isolated street children is increasing on a daily basis. Hope for the generation is dedicated to providing care and support to children who are orphaned, neglected, abused, underprivileged and vulnerable; while ensuring their physical, emotional, social and spiritual development is nurtured by consistent encouragement instilling within each individual a model of love, safety, purpose, productivity, service to others                                                       

Orphan Sponsorship Program (OSP)

The purpose and objective of this programme is to provide basic physical, social and spiritual care and support to those children who have lost their parents. We encourage foster parents to fill in a sponsorship form and become part of our organization. Hope for the generation considers first the orphans in greatest need. The sponsors’ money goes towards purchasing school supplies, books, school uniforms, clothing, medicine, and housing for the child.

Women’s Empowerment

Recognizing that an academic education is of vital importance in tackling the high illiteracy rate of women especially girls in EthiopiaHope for the Generation  supports universal education. Furthermore, in the belief that progress in is directly linked to women’s empowerment, Hope for the Generation  promotes vocational and life skills training relevant to local market opportunities while also enhancing women’s sense of worth and dignity

Computer Literacy

Hope for the Generation  literacy projects work to bridge to  teach computer skills, install computers and provide vocational courses.

Drug Awareness

In Ethiopia, illicit drug such as Chat and Hashishi use results in broken homes, abandoned children, disease, lost opportunities, and loved ones who suffer along with the addict. Hope for the Generation  drug awareness programs focus on education and prevention using music, drama, and other youth-oriented media in which motivating say no to drugs message is conveyed via music, the universal medium of young people. Hope for the Generation promote drug education in schools and also provide  training to drug counselors in order to provide provide former addicts with skills to achieve reintegration into society. 


There is a profound stigma faced by those living with disability  as a result of this stigma, disabled children can become marginalised and are not provided with the care and services they need, either by their families or at a government level.

Water sanitation and hygiene

Children are denied their right to education because schools lack sanitation facilities. Women are forced to spend large parts of their day fetching water. Without adequate Water, Health and sanitation systems in place, sustainable development is impossible.


Vocational training opportunities for women and girls who have been born to the streets and slums offer much more than a learned skill set. Feelings of personal worth, growth, empowerment, ability and a sense of community contribution are many of the by-products of the training we offer on our life skills programmes. Through  micro-finance schemes, we can give people the financial boost they need to use their own strengths to earn a living. This in turn means they are able to provide for their own family and ultimately can afford to send their children to school, rather than needing constant help from organisations such as ourselves.

Child trafficking and labour


The trafficking of a child is a gross violation of their human rights. Most of these children live in slums and are forced to engage in exploitative employment arrangements such as domestic servants. Children are often sexually abused and they are denied access to food, education and healthcare. Children are often trafficked and then engaged in hazardous labour, this can take several forms and includes indentured labour through to more informal arrangements.


Support us

Hope for the generation  have realized that we cannot accomplish our goals without the support of people locally and internationally joining hands with us. You can make a difference in the lives of children right now by making an online donation.

Just $50 can buy...

  • 25 kg of wheat flour for our Orphanage;
  • 10 kg of beans for our Orphanage;
  • 25 Litres of milk for our Orphanage;
  • A new notebook, pencils and pens for our children;
  • Weekly fruits - vitamin for entire orphanage.
  • Art supplies for our kindergarten

$100 donation will provide...

  • Meat for all the kids for a day;
  • 1 new bunk bed for our orphans
  • New pair of shoes for the neediest children in the orphanage.

$125 donation will provide...

  • Orphanage meals for every child for one week;
  • General medical supplies for our children;
  • New beddings for children residing in the orphanage;
  • New school uniforms, bag pack, shoes for the neediest kids

$250 donation will provide...

  • Meals for every child for one week;
  • 2 new bunk bed for our orphans
  • New clothing for the neediest children at the orphanage.

$500 donation will provide...

  • Meals for every child for two weeks;
  • A new uniform for every child at the orphanage; or
  • Meat for entire orphanage for five days

Sustainability & Long-term Projects


Amount in US dollars

If you are interested in supporting the sustainability & long-term projects, kindly write us an email to send you bank transfer details

School & Classrooms Construction


Kitchen & Dining hall




Administration/office block





  Projects implemented so far:








Empowering Youth Promoters

Mobilizing the youth using peer approach

500 youths promoters trained




Life skills project for youth

To make the youth have appropriate life skills to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and STIs

6 clubs were formed (4 urban and 2 rural) having members over 12,000. 




AIDS & Ladder Game Production & Distribution

To disseminate diverse messages

·  150 AIDS and Ladder Playing Boards produced

·  92,000 cards, containing diverse messages printed

·  150 T-shirts were distributed among high schools and youth associations in the region. 




Regional conference on HIV/AIDS fund sources and utilization

To make the stakeholders well aware of the HIV/AIDS fund sources and effective utilization

· 80 participates were involved

·  200 copies of conference proceedings were printed and distributed

ActionAid Ethiopia



Youth HIV/AIDS prevention project during summer season

To protect the youth from HIV/AIDS

Over 20,000 youths involved in summer sport and related activities

ActionAid Ethiopia



Three weeks campaign project on harmful traditional practices (HTPs)

To eradicate five selective harmful traditional practices affecting women/girls

55 trained Hawassa University Students were participated in three weeks campaign assigned in 16 woredas of SNNPR and reached over 50,000 people especially women/girls

ActionAid Ethiopia



Strengthening Communities Response’s to HIV/AIDS (SCRHA)  in Gorche Woreda

To strengthen the communities responses of palliative and economic improvement services

· 2,700 individuals (PLWHA, OVCs, and their family members) through 13 volunteer persons (VPs).

· Support for 37 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) both infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.


PATH Ethiopia



School girls gender based violence prevention (GBV) project

To protect the school girls from gender based violence

To benefit over 10,000 girls in Hawassa town

World Bank Ethiopia






Organizational capacity ehnahcment

To facilitate the smooth functions of the organization


Tony & Robyn family in Australia






Hope for the generation

Meskel street, P.O Box 956, Hawassa, Ethiopia

Tel: +251 916823790


"Thank you for your interest in learning more about Hope for the generation"

We would love to hear from you if you have any questions, comments or suggestions about our organization








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