About Us

"Le Mouvement de la Grace Etonnante de Dieu" is a Christian Association composed of all the people who have compassion and deep love for the orphans in Chad.

Association Principal Mission

The Organization Principal Mission is taking care of orphans, street children and any abused child, by showing to them the Grace and Love of God in order to reintegrate them into a peaceful society.


The Founders of MGED

The objectives of the Association are as followed:

  • Testifying the Grace and Love of GOD to the orphans, street children and every needy and marginalized child by taking full care of them;
  • Investigating in the social activities in order to rescue the hopeless and helpless children such as orphans, street children and any other abused child ;
  • Reintegrating the young people (orphans, street children and abused children) in difficulties into a peaceful society ;
  • Carrying for the education of the hopeless and helpless children such as orphans, street children and abused children from primary school to higher education ;
  • Creating schools, institutes, training centers, libraries, health care centers and counsel centers for the needy and marginalized children;
  • Investigating in the social activities in order to provide portable water such as water pump in the community without drinking water.



The structure of the Association

This is the structure of the Association:

  1. The General Assembly;
  2. The Executive Committee;
  3. The Spiritual Counsel;
  4. The Supervisory Committee

1. The General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of all the members of the Association who have legal membership. This body is the most important one as they take all the decisions of the Association to achieve its objectives.

Duties of the General Assembly

The following will be the duties of the General Assembly:

  • To guide the Association in fulfilling its objectives;
  • To elect the members of the Executive Committee;
  • To define the General Policy of the Association;
  • To adopt the financial Budget and appoint the Auditor for the next year;
  • To make sure of the administrative and financial good management of the Executive Committee;
  • To adopt the audited statement of Account together with Auditor’s Report.

The General Assembly is held twice in the year. However, an extraordinary General Assembly may be hold at the demand of the President of the Executive Committee, of the members of the Executive Committee or of the two third (2/3) of the members of the General Assembly. The chairman of the General Assembly will be the President of the Executive Committee, if he is present; otherwise, the Vice-President will function as the chairman. In case the President and the Vice-President are both absent, the General Secretary will be the chairman. In case they all are absent, the General Assembly will be adjourned. Two third (2/3) of the members will be the quorum of the General Assembly. In case the quorum is not reached, another General Assembly is convened in the next fifteen (15) days and will be held either the quorum is reached or not.

2. The Executive Committee

Formation and Functioning:

The Executive Committee shall consist of not less than seven (7) and not more than twelve (12) members. The superintendence, control and direction of the affairs of the Association, its income and property (both movable & immovable) shall be entrusted to the Executive Committee. This body executes all the decisions taking in the General Assembly. The members act as trustees of the Association. The Executive Committee shall consist of one President, one Vice - President, one General Secretary, one Materials and Finances Officer, one External Relations Officer, one Technical Adviser and one Chaplain. The Executive Committee shall meet more than once in a year. It can meet once in the month, provided that the President may, where he thinks or on written request of not less than two third (2/3) of the members may call a special meeting of the Executive Committee. The chairman of the Executive Committee meetings shall be the President. If he is not available, the Vice-President presides over the meeting or the General Secretary. The quorum of the meeting of the Executive Committee shall be two third (2/3) of the members. The Executive Committee may identify any member and give him specific responsibilities and appropriate designation and allowances as and when need arises.

Structure of the Executive Committee:

  1. President
  2. Vice-President
  3. General Secretary
  4. Materials and Finances Officer
  5. External Relations Officer
  6. Technical Adviser
  7. Chaplain

3. The Spiritual Counsel

The Spiritual Counsel is a body which is in charge of solving the problems of the members of the Association. It conducts a meeting whenever a member breaks the commandment of God or the principles of the Association. The Spiritual Counsel is composed of the Chaplain, the Technical Adviser and the President of the Executive Committee.

4. Supervisory Committee

The Supervisory Committee is composed of two members. They are independent and should not be members of the Executive Committee. It is a monitoring tool which is responsible for:

- Carry out unexpected financial control to the Association Cash and Bank Account;

- Get access to all financial records of the Association.

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