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List of links to orphanages arranged by continent. Click on a continent to see its links
Africa & Middle EastAmericaAsia & the PacificEuropeAustralia, Oceania & Multinationals

Africa & Middle East

Le Mouvement de la Grace Etonnante de Dieu (MGED) - Chad
Mission of Hope Orphanage - Liberia
Children Center International Liberia (CCI) - Liberia
CMFO - Sierra Leone
The Needy Today - Sierra Leone
Children Shade International – Sierra Leone
All As One Children's Center - Sierra Leone
Children of the Nations - Sierra Leone, Malawi
Home of Champions - Zambia
Welfare Concern Orphanage - Zambia
Kazembe Orphanage - Zambia
Lubasi Home Livingstone -Zambia
Mulunda Miaka Orphanage - Zambia
Kidz 4 Him - Zambia
Mukuyu Orphan Home - Zambia
Mazabuka Orphanage - Zambia
Eden Farm - Zambia
Koriciza Orphanage - Burundi
Children of Zion Village - Namibia
Charity And Care Foundation - Namibia
Hope for the Generation - Ethiopia
Selamta Children's Home - Ethiopia
Khulafa Al-Rashidin Orphanage Aid And Development - Ethiopia
New Hope Dire Dawa Orphans Centre - Ethiopia
Edget Baandnet Children Center - Ethiopia
Adana Children Center - Ethiopia
Jehovah Rapha Children’s Home - Ghana
The Father's House International - Ghana
The Vision of The New Africa Organization - Ghana
Hardthaven Children's Home - Ghana
Maranatha International Orphanage Center - Ghana
Glovo - Ghana
Dreamland School - Ghana
Jomelos Save Life Organization - Ghana
Fihankra - Ghana
Destinykids Orphanage Ghana - Ghana
King Jesus Orphanage - Ghana
YouCare - Nigeria
Children of Mary - Nigeria
Widows Comfort Orphanage Ministries - Nigeria
Destitute for Help - Nigeria
St. Joseph Orphanage - Nigeria
Catholic CHESS Project - Nigeria
Great Relief for Orphans and Widows - Nigeria
Bab es Salam - Nigeria
Children of Promise - Nigeria
Living Fountain Orphanage - Nigeria
GAAP Orphanage Foundation - Nigeria
Gathering of the Eagles - Nigeria
Gideon Orphanage Home - Nigeria
Compassionate Orphanage - Nigeria
Merciful Orphanage Home - Nigeria
CgCi Orphanage Home - Nigeria
Bema homes for the less privileged - Nigeria
Light for the Lost Orphans Home - Nigeria
Voice Of Peace Orphanage - Nigeria
Du Merci Orphanage - Nigeria
SOS Children - Algeria
Betikara Orphanage - Madagascar
Anthony Uwaya's School for the Poor - Tanzania
Watoto Wa Africa - Tanzania
Boona-Baana Center for Children's Rights - Tanzania
Seeds of Hope Academy - Tanzania
The Bethany Project - Tanzania
TANZANIA-We help you!
The Baobab Home - Tanzania
Forever Angels Baby Home - Tanzania
Cradle of Love Baby Home - Tanzania
The Janada L. Batchelor Foundation for Children - Tanzania
Future Happiness Association for Young Ladies - Tanzania
Tanzanian Children's Fund - Tanzania
Living Water Children Centre - Tanzania
TACODA - Tanzania
Jericho Orphanage Home - Tanzania
Tanzania Orphans Upendo Community
Dorcas Orphanage Center - Cameroon
HOTPEC Orphanage - Cameroon
Rural Development Centre(RUDEC) - Cameroon
Regina Foundation Orphanage - Cameroon
Hope For The Hopeless Children In Africa - Cameroon
Orphelinat Pasteur Salomon Njigi Ntep - Cameroon
Mountain Kids Orphanage - Cameroon
L'Île du Bonheur (The Island of Happiness) - Burkina Faso
Shepherd's Keep - South Africa
Ikhaya Loxolo (Home of Peace) - South Africa
Door of Hope - South Africa
TLC Ministries - South Africa
Baphumelele Children's Home - South Africa
Sinakekele - South Africa
Emasithandane Children's Project - South Africa
Thy Will Children's Mission - South Africa
Shelter House Ministries - South Africa
Center Fabio - Ivory Coast
Precious Child - Zimbabwe
Orphelinat Marie Reine de la Paix - Togo
Le Bon Samaritain Orphanage - Togo

FOMO - Malawi
Little Field Home - Malawi
Orbus Africa - Malawi
Yambio Life At Zero Orphanages - South Sudan
Kapoita Orphanage-South Sudan
Aroh Orphanage - Uganda
MOHM - Uganda
Litchi - Uganda
Second Chance to a Child Outreach (SECCO) - Uganda
Henry's Children Home - Uganda
Child and World Agape Outreach - Uganda
Foundation for Education and Development - Uganda
Orphanage Club Banda - Uganda
Hope for Vulnerable Children Ministry - Uganda
Reach Africa Children's Home – Uganda
RENDA - Uganda
Transform the Children's Life Ministry - Uganda
Mutanda Orphanage Centre - Uganda
Mubende Orphans Support Organization (MOSO) - Uganda
Abba Father's House - Uganda
Bethesda International - Uganda
Nyaka Orphanage - Uganda
Welcome Home Africa Ministries - Uganda
Molly and Pauls Child Care Foundation - Uganda
Mountains of Hope Childrens Family - Uganda
Taost - Uganda
Agape Children's Fund - Uganda
Amazing Grace Orphanage - Uganda
Aidchild - Uganda
Answering for the Children Ministries Inc. - Uganda
Canaan Children's Home - Uganda
A New Hope Africa Children Ministries - Uganda
Blessed Hope Champions Orphanage and Academy - Uganda
New Creation Family Home - Uganda
Baby Watoto - Uganda
Bukaleba Children's Center - Uganda
Home Sweet Home - Uganda
GIDCCO Heart of God in Uganda
Another Hope Children Ministries - Uganda
Care and Share Foundation - Uganda
Kagogo Orphanage Centre - Uganda
Good Samaritan Children's Home - Uganda
Our Own Home - Uganda
Raising Up Hope For Uganda Home - Uganda
Light Academy Orphanage Center - Uganda
Child To Youth - Uganda
Kids Of Africa - Uganda
Open Heart Orphanage Ministry - Uganda
The H.O.P.E. Center - Uganda
Jolly Children's Centre - Uganda
Community Child Development Orphanage - Uganda
Gayaza Preparatory School - Uganda
Orphan Help And Child Neglect Ministry - Uganda
Home of Champions - Uganda
Children Alive Development Organization - Uganda
Home Zion Tabernacle Centre - Kenya
Jubilee Children Center - Kenya
His Will Orphanage - Kenya
Dream Children's Home - Kenya
FACEP - Kenya
Mwarogoncho Orphanage - Kenya
Nissi Orphanage - Kenya
Daos Children Centre - Kenya
Likoni Victory Orphanage - Kenya
Nyabioto Junior School for Orphans - Kenya
Emmanuel Children's Home - Kenya
Roadside Orphans Home Care - Kenya
Home of Hope Children's Centre - Kenya
RAAH Orphanage School - Kenya
CAOG Orphanage - Kenya
Nakuru Baby Orphanage - Kenya
Tumaini Ministries - Kenya
Tumaini Children Welfare Foundation - Kenya
Joseph Wameru Home School - Kenya
House of hope and glory - Kenya
Harvest Fellowship Orphanage Project - Kenya
Diani Children's Village - Kenya
Happy Home Kenya Trust
Talents Children's Mission - Kenya
Happy Home Orphanage - Kenya
Dorcas Children's Home - Kenya
Hope for Children Center, Glory Children's Center and Good Samaritan Lwanda Children's Home - Kenya
St. Nicholas Children's Home - Kenya
By Grace Disabled and Orphans Centre - Kenya
A Future and a Hope - Kenya
Flying Kites Global - Kenya
Destiny Garden School - Kenya
Happy Nairobi Kids Orphange - Kenya
Baraka Technical College Orphans Center - Kenya
Foundation of Mercy Children Centre International - Kenya
Bala Mercy Children's Centre - Kenya
Bethsaida Community Center - Kenya
St. Joseph Centre - Kenya
Seeds in His Garden Children’s Home Trust - Kenya
Happy Life Children’s Home - Kenya
Alliance Vision Educational Centre - Kenya
Hope Education Centre - Kenya
Ray of Hope - Kenya
Kanyawegi Children's Home - Kenya
Children's Garden Home, School & Rescue Centre - Kenya
Beam Progressive Orphan School - Kenya
Hope House Center Orphanage in Kisii - Kenya
Shangilia Day Care Center - Kenya
Hillary Mainga Foundation( By Grace Orphanage) - Kenya
The Zion Orphanage - Israel
The Home of New Life - Ramallah, PA/Israel
Sunshine Project International - Egypt
The Social Welfare Institutions-Islamic Orphanage - Lebanon
My Orphans - Lebanon
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Central America
Dominica's Orphanage - Dominican Republic
Bread Of Life Orphanage & Feeding Center - Dominican Republic
Orfanato Niños de Cristo - Dominican Republic
Hogar de Ninas Hijas de la Altagracia - Dominican Republic
La Casa de mi Padre - El Salvador
Hogar Padre Vito Guarato - El Salvador
Colina de Luz Christian Home for Children - Mexico
Casa de Hogar El Buen Pastor - Mexico
The House Of Gems - Mexico
Casa San Francisco A.C. - Mexico
Cristo por Su Mundo Hogar para Ninos - Mexico
Mexico Child Link
Hogar-Infantil "La Gloria" - Mexico
El Sauzal Orphanage - Mexico
Radiant Futures - Mexico
Tashirat Nouvel Age Orphanage - Mexico
Casa Hogar - Mexico
Misión México Childrens Refuge Tapachula
Rivers of Mercy Children's Home - Mexico
City of Angels - Mexico
Casa Hogar Jeruel - Mexico
Casa Hogar De Los Niños - Mexico
Kids Kingdom - Mexico
Rancho de los Niños - Mexico
Save Orphans of Mexico
Ciudad de Angeles - Mexico
Door of Faith Orphanage - Mexico
Haitian Orphanage that Provides for and Educates
Answered Prayers - Haiti
Hope for the Children of Haiti, Inc. - Haiti
Family Circle - Haiti
HIS Home for Children - Haiti
Crèche De L’enfant Jesus - Haiti
Ministries of Aide Orphanage - Haiti
Children of the Promise - Haiti
All Of God's Children Orphanage - Haiti
Haitian Children’s Home
Rescue Children Orphanage - Haiti
God's Littlest Angels - Haiti
Voice of Christ in Haiti
Centre Children International Life Line of Haiti - Haiti
Hands and Feet Project - Haiti
Haiti Children's Home - Haiti
Reveil Matinal Orphanage Foundation - Haiti
Open Doorways Orphanage - Haiti
Remy Decatus Orphanage - Haiti
Grace Orphanage - Haiti
Maison de Lumiere (The Lighthouse) - Haiti
Operation Love the Children of Haiti - Haiti
Les Enfants Du Roi - Haiti
Wings of Refuge - Haiti
Lifed Christian Orphanage - Haiti
MESSEF Orphanage - Haiti
Lafana Institute of Hope - Haiti
Pan American Health Services Inc. - Honduras
MamaTara Miskito Orphanage - Honduras
Amigos de Jesus Hogar de Ninos - Honduras
Hogar de Amor - Honduras
Casa Cielo - Honduras
AHLE (Accion Humana de la Luz Eterna) - Honduras
Orphanage Emmanuel - Honduras
Our Little Roses Home - Honduras
El Hogar de Amor y Esperanza - Honduras
Eternal Family Project, Inc. - Honduras
Casa Del Niño - Honduras
Greenfield Children’s Home - Honduras
Casa Guatemala - Guatemala
House of Hope Orphanage - Guatemala
Amor del Niño - Guatemala
Casa de Sion Orphanage - Guatemala
Rancho Esperanza - Guatemala
Los Gozosos Joy Filled Homes - Guatemala
Mrs. Anderson Orphanage - Jamaica
Robin's Nest Chldren's Home - Jamaica
Hogar San Jose de Malambo - Panama
South America
Hogar-Infantil "La Gloria" - Colombia
Hogar Corazonista Hermano Policarpo - Colombia
Instituto Oscar Scarpetta - Colombia
Fundacion Divina Infacia de Jesus Jose y Maria - Colombia
Christ Alive Corner Orphanage - Brazil
Home of the Good Shepherd - Brazil
Casa do Caminho - Brazil
Casa de Amor - Bolivia
City of the Child Jesus - Bolivia
Corazón del Pastor - Bolivia
Pedacito de Cielo - Bolivia
Bolivian Youth Ministries - Bolivia
House of Dreams Orphanage - Bolivia
Sunrise Children's Home of Argentina
Corban Orphanage and Gift Catalog for Peru
The Sunflower Home - Peru
New Hope Children's Home - Peru
Morning Star Children’s Home - Peru
North America
St. Joseph Orphanage - Canada
Stephen Wiggins Home for Boys - Canada
Corazón de Vida - USA
Covenant Ranch - USA
Angel Guardian Orphanage AGO Hangout - USA
Angel Guardian Orphanage - USA
McClelland Children's Home (now School)- USA
Goodland Presbyterian Children's Home - USA
Buckner Children's Home - USA
St. Joseph's Village Rockleigh - USA
St. Joseph Orphanage - USA
Rose of Sharon Association - USA
Oxford Orphanage - USA
Florida Baptist Children's Homes - USA
High Plains Children's Home - USA
His House Children's Home - USA
Presbyterian Children's Homes and Services - USA
Orphan Foundation of America (OFA) - USA
Milton Hershey School - USA
Arkansas Baptist Children's Homes - USA
Baptist Children's Homes of North Carolina - USA
Bellewood Presbyterian Homes for Children - USA
Bethel Bible Village Children's Home - USA
The Palmer Home for Children - USA
Unite The World (penpal service) - USA
Charleston Orphan House - USA (former orphanage)
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Asia & The Pacific
LAP Orphan Home - India
REAL Orphan Home - India
St Pauls Educational & Welfare Association Orphanage - India
JCM Orphanage - India
ARDS Orphan Children Home - India
Jesus Christ Orphan Home - India
GOM Human Welfare Center Orphanage - India
Glory Orphanage - India
TNSSS Orphanage - India
Samalkot Orphan Home - India
Team Vision - India
Mercy and Grace - India
Mercy Home - India
RDAS La Maison de Sagesse - India
St. Paul's Aids Affected Children Home - India
Good Shepherd Orphan Home - India
Agape Children's Home - India
Redemption Research for Health and Educational Development Society - India
Village Childrens Home - India
Open the Door Orphanage Home - India
Shiloh Tribal Ministries - India
Vineyard Children's Home - India
Helping Hand Ministries - India
Induvadhana Child Welfare Orphan Home - India
Shalom Family Home - India
Glory of Christ Children's Home - India
Vineyard Children's Home - India
Jehovah Jireh Children's Home - India
Orphan's Rescue Home - India
Mariella Children’s Home - India
Grace Care Center - India
Anbarasi Social Action - India
Jehovah Shammah Children's Home - India
Markaz Darul Yatama (Boys / Girls) - India
Littlewoods Children's Home - India
Bala Gurukulam Orphanage - India
Premananda Orphanage Centre - India
Bethany Home - India
Arya Samaj Gandhidham Charitable Trust Orphanage - India
St. Crispins Home - India
Aswasabhavan - India
Karna Prayag Trust - India
The Sadhana Trust, India
Mission of Joy - India
New Life Mission School - India
Divine Children's Home - India
Children of Faith Ministries - India
Compassion Children Home - India
Brothers Charities International - India
Angels' Place - India
Prathyasha Bhavan (Home of Hope) - India
Freedom Children's Orphanage - India
Care and Compassion - Goa - India
Purbachal Ananda Foundation - India
Agape Children's Home - India
Ashirvad Orphan Home - India
Udayan Care - India
Love Care Center - India
Orphan Hood - India
M.D.D.Bal Bhawan - India
St.Marys Orphan Home - India
Wide Children's Home - India
Canaan Children Home - India
The Good Shepherd Agricultural Mission - India
Mercy Homes - India
Save A Child - India
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Abhayaniketan - India
Sabari Balasramam - India
Hermon Orphanages - India
Udavum Karangal - India
Sukritham Balikasadanam - India
Peniel Children Home - India
LYNY Children Home - India
Precious Children Home - India
New Life Mercy Home - India
Ananda Marga Children's Home - India
Agape Home for Children (Orphanage) - India
Gaya Muslim Orphanage - India
The Happy Home - India
Ruth Orphans Home - India
Sarah Orphanage - India
Shiri Saradha Sakthi Peetam - India
Helping Hands India - India
Hope Public Charitable Trust - India
Joy Home for Children Orphanage - India
Seruds Orphanage Centre - India
Cherish Foundation - India
Messiah Mercy Home-Messiah Ministries - India
Future And A Hope Ministries Inc. (Welcome House) - India
Atul Katariya Memorial Charitable Trust Sanchlit ‘Avishri Balsadan’ - India
Capbowl Organization Children Home - India
Anadha Vidyarthi Griha - India
Saraswati Anath Shikshan Ashram - India
Timothy - India
Hope For Future Children Home - India
Nethaji Mercy Home - India
Grace Children Ministries Orphanage - India
New Life Children Home - Gaya. Bihar. - India
House of Judah - India
Madhav Paul Orphanage - India
Good Shepherd Orphanage - India
Hope Family Home - India
SRUJAN - India
Rose of Sharon - India
Vineyard Childrens Home - India
Orphans Rescue Home Charitable Trust - India
Open Door Mercy Home - India
Kanigiri Children's Home - India
Comfort Children's Home - India
Jesus Saves Ministries Orphan Home - India
Children Home India - India
Vcare - India
New Home - A Child Protection & Care Center - India
Gracious Paradise Charitable Foundation - India
Manna Children's Home - India
Nirankar Balgram - India
Yeldho Mar Baselious Orphanage - India
Nizhal Charitable Trust - India
Sarada Home - India
House Of Peace Orphanage - India
Saral Children's Home - India
Amma Nanna Charitable Trust (ACT) - India
Rejoice Foundation - India
Loveorphans-Ministry of Voice of Gospel - India
Manna Children's Home Jaipur - India
Adarsha Rural Development Society - India
Siliguri Bhawana Society - India
Little Angels Glory Orphanage - India
Seeds-India Asha Kendra - India
Singithi Sevana - Sri Lanka
Uthawi Orphanages - Sri Lanka
Kathleen Keegel Children's Fund - Sri Lanka
Gokulam Children's Home - Sri Lanka
The Bottomley Home Orphanage - Bangladesh
Sanghamitta Seba Sangha(Child Development Foundaiton) - Bangladesh
Home of The Champions - Bangladesh
Charfassion Orphanage - Bangladesh
Ummahatul Momineen Women Orphanage - Bangladesh
Nha Tinh Thuong Huong Duong Orphanage - Vietnam
Hoi Duc Anh Orphanage - Vietnam
Hoi An Orphanage - Vietnam
The DieuGiac-Temple Orphanage - Vietnam
Home of Affection - Vietnam
Mai Am Mai Tam House Of Hope - Vietnam
The Blessing Home of Chiangrai - Thailand
Phatthaya Yellow pages / Orphanages - Thailand
Baan San Fan Orphanage - Thailand
Safe Haven Orphanage - Thailand
BaanGerda - Thailand
Sacred Portion Children's Outreach - Philippines
Easter Village Orphanage - Philippines
Children's Shelter of Cebu - Philippines
Orphanage (House of Joy) - Philippines
Philippine Vision Ministry
Subic's Bay Children's Home - Philippines
Precious Heritage Children's Home - Philippines
Charisma Bethel Children's Home - Philippines
Jireh Children's Home - Philippines
Shepherds Arms Children's Home - Philippines
Love The Children Foundation - Philippines
Harvest House Children's Home - Philippines
Ruel House - Philippines
Dar Amanah Children's Village Foundation, Inc. - Philippines
Angel House - Philippines
Watan Orphanage for Afghan Orphans
RAWA orphanages for Afghan Orphans
Child Welfare Home - Nepal
Orphan Children Welfare Center - Nepal
Home of Happiness - Nepal
Surya Children Welfare Service Center - Nepal
Humanitarian Concern - Nepal
The Children's Home - Nepal
Namaste House - Nepal
Hope & Home - Nepal
Prayas Nepal
Home for Orphan Children of Nepal
Bethany Children's Home - Nepal
New Home for Orphanage Children - Nepal
Fresh Nepal
Happy Home - Nepal
Lotus Children Home - Nepal
Himalayan Foundation Nepal - Nepal
Light For New Nepal - Nepal
Horac Home - Nepal
Nepal Children Orphan Home (NECO) - Nepal
Rainbow Children Home - Nepal
Ama Orphanage - Nepal
Chautarfi Mahila Bikash Sanstha - Nepal
Bal Sewa Griha Children's Center - Nepal
Guardian Nepal- Orphanage and Social Service - Nepal
Innovative Social Centre - Nepal
DOCS Foundation Nepal - Nepal
Huazhou Babies Welfare Institution - China
Home of Hope - China
Maoming Welfare Institute, Maoming - China
New Day Foster Home - China
Families With Children From Tongling - China
Half the Sky Foundation - China
Children's Place - Mongolia
Special center for children's training and education under the Mayor of UB - Mongolia
Mingalar Children Home - Myanmar
Hope for Myanmar Children - Myanmar
Luke Orphanage Children Home - Myanmar
Rakhine Orphanage Center - Myanmar
Mercy Children Center (MCC) - Myanmar
Agape Children Centre - Myanmar
Jehovah-Jireh Precious Children Home - Myanmar
Ebenezer Orphanage Center - Myanmar
Asian Hope/House of Abraham - Cambodia
Centre for Children's Happiness - Cambodia
Pure Religion Orphanage - Cambodia
SOCPLSDO - Cambodia
New Futures Orphanage - Cambodia
Cambodia Children’s Sanctuary
Our Friends Orphanage - Cambodia
Widows,Orphans Relief And Development (W.O.R.D) - Cambodia
The Center of Orphans, Older people without support and Development (COD) - Cambodia
Soks Children Orphanage - Cambodia
Alas-Kasih Orphanage - Indonesia
Compassion 4 Kids - Indonesia
Pak Orphanage Project - Indonesia
Yayasan Gunungan Orphanage & Relief Center - Indonesia
Bustanul Aitam Orphanage - Indonesia
Bersinar Orphanage - Indonesia
The Bali Orphanage - Indonesia
Panti Asuhan Eklesia (Eklesia Orphanage) - Indonesia
Panti Asuhan Danukusumo - Indonesia
Panti Asuhan Parapatan - Indonesia
Panti Asuhan Anugrah Sungai Air Hidup - Indonesia
Yayasan Alfath Bekasi - Indonesia
PSSWS Orphanage - Pakistan
Christ Fellowship Ministries - Pakistan
Janat-Ul-Firdous Charity Trust - Pakistan
Jesus My Shelter (Orphanage) - Pakistan
Khpal Kor Foundation - Pakistan
Pastor Violet and Pastor John - Pakistan
YMMWF - Pakistan
Orphan Angels Organization - Pakistan
Al Islah Center - Pakistan
Little Child Care Ministry Pakistan (LCCM) - Pakistan
The Angels' Haven - South Korea
Our Family Home ( Rumah Keluarga Kami ) - Malaysia
Anbe Sivam - Malaysia
Sri Sai Special Children Home - Malaysia
Welfare & Social Rita Home - Malaysia
Rumah Nur Hikmah - Malaysia
Kamakshi Child Home - Malaysia
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Eastern Europe
CARN Orphanage in Karakol - Kirgizia
St Petersburg Shelter for Girls - Russia
The Harbor in Saint Petersburg - Russia
Staritsa Orphanage - Russia
St. Nicholas Orphanage - Russia
Miramed Institute - Russia
More Orphanages in Russia
Antoshka Children's Home - Ukraine
Adoption & Humanitarian Initiative - Ukraine
The Father's House - Ukraine
Orphanage in Ukraine
Waisenhilfe - Ukraine
Odessa Orphanage and Boarding House Number Four - Ukraine
More Orphanages in the Ukraine
Budynok Dytyny Nadija (Nadija Children's Home) - Ukraine
Orphans' Future - Ukraine
Nash Dim - Ukraine
Street Kids Center - Ukraine
Akhalgori Orphanage - Georgia
Cazanesti Orphanage - Moldova
Amici di Sighet - Romania
Heart of Romania (America) - Romania
Associatia Orfanilor din Casele de copii - Romania
Western Europe
St George’s House Northern Police Orphanage - United Kingdom
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Australia, Oceania and Multinationals
We request submissions for Oceania's orphanages

International Aide Serving Kids - multinational
New Life Children's Home - Multinational
Arms of Love - Multinational
GodsKids.org - Multinational
Y-Care - multinational
Blessed Nuno Society - multinational
Orphans First - multinational
Orphan Helpers - El Salvador Honduras
Appin Hall Children's Foundation - multinational
Orphanage Support Services - multinational
Nuestros Peque`os Hermanos (Our Little Brothers and Sisters) - multinational
WereldOuders - multinational
Volunteer Programs in the Himalayas - Multinational
Buckner Orphan Care International - multinational

Organizations that assist orphans
Indian Orphanages Network
Kamalia Children's Home - India
Help for Orphans - International
Village of Hope - Uganda
Care For African Kids - Uganda
Project 55 - Uganda
St. Petersburg Charities - Russia
Blisswomenandchildren Centre - Kenya
Home of Peace - Kenya
Rako - Cambodia, Belgium
Facing the World - UK
Karen's Orphanage Links
For Kids Alone
Planting Peace
One World Orphans Fund
Treasures in Heaven Ministries
Korean Kids & Orphanage Outreach Mission (KKOOM)
Abode for Children
Orphan Art
A Step to the Future
Orphans in Romania
Tapestries of Life Orphanage - Mexico
Happy Home Orphanage - Nepal
Chhahari Group Nepal
Kindertehuis The Cross-Point Foundation
Light for Nepal's Children
Servants to Asia's Urban Poor
Bright Future Foundation
Hope For Viet Orphans - Vietnam
St Gregory’s Foundation - UK
Orphans in Need - UK
TAORP - Uganda
Zion Of Life Orphans Foundation - Mozambique
Living Generously - Multinational - UK
Make A Difference Kilimanjaro Kids Care Orphanage - Tanzania
Volunteer South America.Net
Maweni - Kenya
Disaster Volunteers of Ghana
Internations' Justice Federation
Orphan World Relief
Orphans Ministry International - Ukraine
Gift of Happiness Foundation - Thailand
Orphanage Outreach - Dominican Republic
Nazirite Children's Missions
Bulgarian Child Inc.
Heart of Hope Ministries International - Romania

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